Text Prompt-Poem 20 The Watch Tower

The Fall of Jericho
The stone walls date back to 8000bc
The walls represent the first military process
The walls are at least 13 feet high and is backed by
A watch tower at least about 28 feet tall
The wall fell after the people of isreal marched
Once daily for six days around the city
On the seventh day they marched seven times and blew
Their trumpet 🎺
The wall collapsed and fell outwards
Thereby creating steps for the Israelites to climb up the city
Joshua’s army conquered the city killing everyone except Rahab
And her family were saved
The city was set alight
Why was Rahab and her family saved?
What were the Israelites carrying when they marched around the city of Jericho?
Joshua and his army destroyed other towns and he became the ruler of Canaan.
Moral Message
God wants to break down the walls of our heart and let himself in
As part of the Poetry Marathon 2022 Watch Tower Poem

2 thoughts on “Text Prompt-Poem 20 The Watch Tower

  1. I found this poem fascinating. You are both within and outside the historic setting, which is akin to how people experience historic sites or written accounts as both past and present—your ending adds a spiritual purpose to that duality.

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