A Covid Christmas – hour 18, prompt 18

This Christmastime

I really fear

will not be the same this year

our feast, nearby the parents’ tree

the veggie train, and artichokes three

faccia di vecchia, even thee

will not be made for you and me

no trading presents, bows all bright

or watching kiddos eyes alight

because the world is not alright

Covid, it steals our joy and here

we stay home, no thanks or cares

no loving hugs, or kisses there

for our mothers, fathers warned

protect and keep them far from harm

we’ll only have a video Zoom

that’s so impersonal, feelings down

this holiday, it wears a frown

we’ll wish a Christmas present next

we’re back together, health intact

joy, hugs and love

come rushing home

and Christmas lights

all cheery and bright

will keep hearts happy

next holy night.

– Sandra Johnson

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