#3 – Mermaid

the ethreal sunlight flows down through the deep blue glass
cascading brilliantly across my face
i smile
close my eyes tightly
basking in the warmth shining below
soaking in the rays as they dance on my cheeks
glittering beneath the surface
i crave this
it beckons to me
calls me upward
i rise towards it to unmask my face from the still surface
breaking the barrier between wet & dry
emerging as the droplets roll down
my face now met with air & sun
my lungs fill & I close my eyes once again
lifting my chin towards the fire in the sky
feeling the current beneath & the wind above
held briefly between two worlds
allowing the beams to radiate on my skin
to permeate my soul
to fill up my heart
i soak it all in
as the glistening begins to fade beyond the horizon
the last trace bouncing off my tail
as i dive deep into the darkness
back to the world below
until the next rising
when i shall bask again
in the light

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