Poem No. 12 On my laptop crashing

On my laptop crashing!

A Sonnet

My pen and paper are more powerful
Than my computer – machines break
And give me grief
While pen and paper serve my needs!
I will keep a duplicate of all I create
No matter how long it takes!

Machines sabotage, take your life over
Don’t let them ever be your lord and master
Be innovative, be smart
Write with your pen it is an art
Stay forever hopeful
Enjoy each step of your journey
See where it takes you even faster!
As nothing crashes nothing breaks!!


5 thoughts on “Poem No. 12 On my laptop crashing

  1. Hard copy forever! My husband and I celebrated a wedding anniversary on the first, and he crafted me a dip quill from a macaw feather. Pen and paper forever.

    I really enjoyed this piece you’ve written. Thank you for sharing it.

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