Heart #15

Beating and pounding, keeping me alive,

Without realization of how it helps me survive,

Taking my old blood , and making it nice and new,

It is quite amazing , of what a heart can do.


Pumping my blood, through my veins for me,

Speeds up fast, when I’m nervous you see,

My heart hurts , when someone hurts me so,

It often gives me signs, for things I need to know.


We often take for granted what our bodies can truly do,

How fast it heals after all we put it through,

Whether it is a running marathon, and get body aches,

Or a poetry marathon, and giving it all it takes.


Our heart keeps on beating, when our mind wants to quit,

It works super hard, as we work hard to get fit,

Every day our heart pumps gallons of blood,  for us to live,

A awesome factor we some times forget, our heart credit we should give.




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