A Jolly kiss

Our First kiss was sweet
You starred into my soul almost making me fall into a daze trying to see the extent your love go
You lick your lip my eyes widen at the thought it brings
Who would of thought that your mom would have pulled up oh wait did you say she have two jobs
We kiss she exited the vehicle the shutting door startles me
I turn around my heart drops because I thought I was in trouble
She looks at me and she speaks
hello Addy
Wait she knows my name
Oh what a relief
I wanted more but he headed to the door
He turned around and said your kiss was so sweet
I looked and watched before he had shut the door.
A shout informed that Watermelon was our flavor
I looked in my hand and noticed the blue bag of hard candy and a wrapper
And now I can say my first kiss was jolly and sweet.

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