Him (Prompt 5)

She said he was smart

He just didn’t know it.

She shared stories about how they met

about one blue rose and their song

In a photo album

the blue rose was pressed on the first page

She said he was her love story


He stumbles in with no explanation

His movement are robotic from smoking fluid dipped cigars.

He paces back and forth

like a confused dog

Reeking of alcohol

he attempts to fight her

The broken energy pulls her away

He throws blurbs of conscious insults

conflicting her earlier words

halting her breath

He separates conversation

stiffens shadows

As her embarrassment stands congregating

I was afraid to look her in the face

He was exposed and

Peeled her love story apart

I can’t walk away

and leave her story

bare and burning

like she was

Angrily he leaves out

slams the door

An hour later he returns


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