Hour 7

Already on the 7th poem!! I can’t believe I have already made it this far!! I could probably do slightly longer poems but I am happy with what I am writing.

Missing You

I hear your voice and I look up

My eyes follow you through the room

Mind racing all thoughts on you

Breathing deeply to calm myself

Taking careful steps to you

Leading my heart forward

Finally letting myself try

Trying for what I have wanted

Something more with you

Even if it has been a while since I’ve seen you

Hour 6

The timed prompt was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be! 😀


Cafe Writer

Words flowing from pens

Stories hidden within our minds

Breaking free through quickly written words


My stories always half finished

My mind never sure of what’s next

My pen stops in the middle of action

My mind not giving the hero’s next step

My pen stills story lost


I look around the cafe again

People living their own stories

Maybe some are writing imagined ones

Maybe a couple only getting half a story out as well

Never able to finish what happens

Maybe the ending is too sad

Or too cliche to finish the story

Or maybe I am the only one lost here

Hour 5

I can’t believe it is already hour 5!! I need to get some food made during my free time but I still going strong with the writing.


River Views

Dirt road winding through trees

Sounds of rushing water flowing to me

I sit by the bank and think

The river twisting out of sight

Thoughts about everything

Life love and growing up

The water making the perfect music

Lulling my thoughts to a deep calm

I go back down the road

Walking up the hill to get home

Thoughts quiet for another day

Hour 4

Still going strong!!

Beach Flow


Walking by flowing blue

Soft browns and tans shift under me

People lounging under bright umbrellas

The sky screams it’s blue color


Soft browns and tans shift under me

Sand flowing almost like water

Moving with each step taken

Warming my toes from the cold water


People lounging under bright umbrellas

Hiding skin from harsh rays as they lay

Soaking in the heat and laughter around

Relaxing before diving into blue water


The sky screams it’s blue color

Clear of clouds and wanting to be seen

Blue sky fighting against blue water

Wish people could dive into the sky

Hour 3

Wow third poem down. These might not be super long but I’m very happy that I am getting these poems done.


Eternity Now

Neon shines fro the building

Naming our escape from the world

We hide for the night in bodies

Swaying together sweat soaked skin brushing

You grab us another round of drinks

We pause a moment to watch

People hiding their world behind dancing

Alone or with someone pushing the world away

We rush back to the dance floor

Our bodies swing in tonights eternity

Hour 2

Yay second poem up!!


Secret Wants

Wanting something that I must hide

My friends not even knowing what I want

Every day hoping for it more and more

This desire for something that many don’t understand

And what others don’t approve of


I know who I can tell about it

Who also shares this secret want

And who is also looking for others

Yet we are too far apart

That the even the secret cannot bring us together

Hour 1

Woot first poem done!! Can’t wait to get the others written.


Compass Elements


I stand in a circle

Looking north to mountains

Earth rising above me

Strength and will holding it high


I turn to the east

Watching trees bend

Wind showing it’s gentle strength

Bending rather than breaking


I step to look south

Watching a bonfire roar

Controlled chaos trying to lick free

Wishing to ravage all in it’s path


I finally face west

Water lapping the shore

Ready to become destroying waves

Disaster coming from the depths



Hey everyone I’m a little late because I noted my email wrong when I signed up to do the marathon. So this is my first time doing the marathon and I decided go big or go home, and I’m going to do my best to do the full marathon. I hope to finish it all. I like writing a lot but I recognize that I’m not the best writer. But I always love reading other peoples work and can’t wait to see everyones poems!! Oh and you can call me Raina or rainmaker which ever is fine with me.  😀

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