The Disorder (8th hour)

“Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal has ever dared to dream before” (credit goes to Edgar Allan Poe and his poem The Raven)

No longer certain if my thoughts are burden to significant doubting

But they flourish at night when I just might question if I am dreaming

These nightmares in question have become an obsession of my inner dreams

Have I possessed the powers of transgress while my ghost ventures beyond the shores? I say No

My darkest fears hold the shears that tear at my soul, reminding me that I am a mere mortal

Screams escape from my throat as I shoot up and choke upon black feathers, death is imminent as ever

Who placed such dark lace upon my face and bottomless brain…who dared?

And to choose me as a vessel, as an instrument of turmoil, not knowing where next it will send me to

I spring from my bed with visions of the dead still masquerading in my head in a most harrowing dream

Still fully awake, I just cannot contain the feeling that I have dreamt this nightmare before

9 thoughts on “The Disorder (8th hour)

  1. Yep…’s me again 😁 lol. I love this one too and I believe you did him proud… very powerful. I may not have caught all of the poems but I like what I’ve seen so far. Beautifully written! #imafan

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