I am a collection of dismantled almosts

Hi everyone. My name is Angel and I’ve been writing poetry for my entire life. I’m super excited to do this marathon. I haven’t decided if I want to do themes or styles but I think I’m going to write about a few specific things from different perspectives.


Can’t wait!

just a quick hello

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Khayat. I’m a Creative Writing major at a California State University. I’m editor-in-chief of a publishing company. We’re actually starting a literary magazine, so if you guys feel like sending some poems over our way our submissions are open. :]

Here’s the info for that.

Either this marathon will kick my ass or I will kick its ass, not sure which but I’m excited to find out.

See you soon!



Jambo Muggles

Hello all!
This is my first marathon having to do with poetry, but I do participate in NaNoWriMo pretty much every year. I’m a graduate with a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Studio Art. I currently work at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. I work at Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney, and at Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal (hence the weird title for this post). They’re both fun, of course, but they take time away from my writing.
I’m a published poet, but recently I haven’t had enough time to submit nearly as much as I would like to. I’m doing this marathon to make myself write the many ideas I have swimming around in my head.
Good luck to all on this 24 hour adventure!

So it’s been awhile

Since I did any meaningful writing. Or took on a challenge. Or stayed up for 24 hours. But I recently celebrated my 60th birthday, and I wanted to make sure I hadn’t checked out when I wasn’t looking. So here I am. Determined to fold my words into 24 white paper cranes while the earth completes a pirouette.

24: Write Another Day

Hi all,
I’m from Singapore and relocated to Canada over a year ago. I’ve taken part in 24-hour playwriting competitions in the past while cloistered in one location with 80+ other people but this is the first time I’m doing it online, for poetry.
Best wishes to all fellow participants in The Poetry Marathon!

Game of Poems…

Hello All:

This is my first marathon, and I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been rather dormant in my serious writing, but I try to write something everyday nonetheless. I’m a Creative Writing and English major and a freelance writer. I really want to challenge my creativity at the moment and wake myself up from this writing coma I’ve been in. I imagine we all can relate to the usual everyday circumstances getting in the way: break-ups, bills, children, day-jobs, significant others and such…I’m just a small-town girl trying to write my way in this big world of words. Happy Writing and best wishes to all.

A quick note…

If you want to know a little more about what I really enjoy doing, feel free to check out my FB page at All That Drama! Productions. I love to write not only poetry but plays as well. I also love to act and have been doing so in community theatre and church productions for years.  Any other skit and playwrights out there?

Hi Fellow Marathoners!

This is Carolyn in Baltimore.  I am trying out a post in Word Press just to be sure everything is up and running.  I am another one who always writes love poetry but I will try to experiment with some different stuff during the marathon. Expecting to be challenged before its all said and done.

Where’s my coffee?

Hello Fellow Poetry Peeps!

Excited to join my first poetry marathon. By Friday evening, my humble kitchen will be well stocked with coffee and chocolate. I suppose it would be a good idea to get some fruits and veggies…or other savory treats!  Until the wee hours of Saturday Morning (as my ‘marathoning’ will commence on Pacific Time), adieu and bonne chance!


Hi! This is my first time doing a poetry half marathon and I am looking forward to it very, very much. I am getting ready for a marathon (running:)) and my long run ( into Toronto with Connors Runners) is on Sunday so, I will only be doing the half marathon…that again is from 7 am-7 pm. I am looking forward to writing alongsid others in this type of virtual competition. It will be tough but I am using my photographs as motivation…I hope that is okay? Is it? Can we use our own “prompts? Or, are there any more specific rules re: first poem/ hour Haiku 🙂

Thanks you for this opportunity!!!! So, each hour, do we simply make posts this way? I notice on the side bar, there are 4 categories…and not one of them is for the half marathon. I actually did want to do the full marathon BUT, I can’t stay up all night because I have to run on Sunday 🙁