Hello fellow marathoners? Is that even a word? Hmmm. My name is Nicole and joining this marathon is probably quite silly for me to do. Only because I havent written a poem since middle school. But I am hoping that it will help me start writing again in general.  Ok so a little bit about me… I live in a small country town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I love it but I would love to travel and maybe live in a big city someday…if I can talk my fiancee into it. He is strictly a “down home” kind of man. I love writing and hope to one day go back to one of the five or so I have half started on my laptop and finish. When I saw the date that this marathon was scheduled I thought it was 9pm saturday the 23rd to 9pm the 24th. The 24th is my mothers birthday. She past away three years ago. So I thought that maybe it had come time for me to start putting into words how im feeling about her and the loss of her. It seemed like a fortunate coincidence.   Unfortunatly i misread the start time, but oh well. So my plan is to do just that. Otherwise I have no hard and fast plan for the day, hopefully make it through doing this and working Saturday night. Thats my biggest hurtle.  We shall see. Thanks to everyone for being so nice and welcoming. I cant wait to read what everyone comes up with. 🙂

Meow said the cat

Hello everyone!

I’m soo excited about this marathon (I’m doing the full, which feels a bit insane; in a good way tho), and will spend some time next week preparing for this fun challenge by looking up good, inspiring music to listen to while writing. My plan is to have loads of tea and coffee avilable and create a sort of cosy blanket fort where I’ll be able to indulge in this creative endeavor.

I have a feeling some of the poems will turn out like utter and total crap, but hopefully I’ll get some good things going, and if nothing else, it will most certainly be a fun experience.

Good luck to you all ^-^



I’m looking forward to flexing my poetry muscles.

I’m an English teacher in Worcestershire, England. I have recently completed a first draft of my first novel and am currently in the editing phase- which is taking me considerably longer than it did to write it. That said, I’ve taken on a few writing challenges this year in order to get the novel finished, including writing from a shepherd’s hut, and from a Romany caravan- in complete isolation.

The enjoyment of writing, for me, is in being able to block out the rest of the world and lose oneself in the world you create. I will be using meditation to help me do this for the marathon.

Poetry is not my strong point, however, and usually when I write poetry, I spend far too long on it and never feel happy with the result; that is why I’m putting myself through this!

Will look forward to reading some of your poems.

The Marathon

Hi Everyone,
I’m  Harvey Schwartz and I’m a Techno-phobic.
It’s kinda like I just moved to a new town and know the basic route to get from my house to work…but get me a block away and I’m lost. That’s how I am with computers.
I don’t do any social media but I do take writing classes at Western WA University…which has forced me to learn the major streets…
But – I’m a little slow negotiating the curves of websites or blogs or whatever we are cyber sharing at this moment.
Somewhere – related to this event – I put a bio/statement of purpose that I’ve been playing with.
So – I’m gonna assume that you can read that if you’re interested.
And, either way I wrote a prep poem today that is listed below.
(And just to be honest and qualify my presence – it’s possible that a visit from an out of town son could derail this project for me – but I’d love to do it and hope that I can.)
I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and how I deal with poetry fatigue.
Harvey Schwartz
                                The Marathon

Being in a poetry marathon is like being the nail.

And an overhead hammer is racing toward me
Like a clock that is slowly ticking – about to hit the next hour.

Or is it a flower petal that absorbs rays from the sun?
which is really my keyboard

that is clacking away

noisy sun

      petal to the metal

Or is it a chance to exercise?

stretch mind muscles to

throw instead of catch

As if all the world’s a stage…

     and I’m the understudy
     and he really did break a leg.
                             Harvey Schwartz

So this is where my inquisitive mind gets me…?

Hello everyone and greetings from Northern Ireland! My name is Anne and I’ve decided to do the full marathon. From the first, the very title of this project intrigued me, and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve been adrift from my own creative soul recently (work and more work got in the way) so now I’m diving straight into the deep end!

Im not sure what to expect, to be honest: I want this to challenge me and inspire me – and I already feel it will do just that. It’s a lovely feeling to be part of this group…all waiting to begin! I’m on GMT (plus daylight savings) so it’ll be an early start for me! xx


Hello from Maui

I am looking forward to this challenge….  I am part of the Maui Live Poets Society and need some new material. This will be great to push my work even further.

Its all about soul..

Hey,my name is Hardika.

Well you already know my name ,
now something about my aim
I want to be a very good writer,
but often end up in an amateur fighter,
my writings are sometime good or bad
and I know I will learn like that
one should never stop fighting
as the key to learn is keep on writing..

Hello everyone..I am not good enough at writing poetry but still whenever I feel something that i am not able to convey or don’t want to share in simple words.. I write, without thinking about the outcome as I write them for my soul and this marathon is actually my attempt to explore myself through the deepest forms of writing and learning while doing so is just a bonus.

Whack the talk….


The subject used to be the tag-line for an older, now defunct,  blog on rediff.com. I would like to start writing again and am looking for an excuse to do that.

The time difference will be something to watch. Also I am in the Middle East and we traditionally work on Sundays.

Should be fun 🙂





Hello All

My name is Seema , I am an Occupational Therapist and a Reiki teacher and practitioner. I used to write poems in school and early college days but stopped after that. When I started practicing Reiki from spiritual perspective 2 years ago with focus on meditations and chanting I felt the urge to re start writing poems. I mostly write poems spiritual theme  based and use them as form of self healing. I hope to go with this marathon as far as I can go .

Thank you for having me here !!



Hi-Adri Sinclair

Hello there fellow poets! I am Adri Sinclair, doing a full marathon.
I have never done anything like this, but I think it will be a great experience and challenge.
I am not natively English, so hopefully this won’t be too grammatically scarring for anyone out there reading!
I don’t really sleep very much – 2 hours a day – so I don’t feel like I’m giving up much on the sleep front.
I am a social writer – so will find a way to get loads of chats in via Skype, maybe Team Speak or Ventrillo…
I have only one small problem at the moment, and that is the fact that I am time-zone impaired. I need to figure out what time-zone to look at and what that means for my GMT!!
Lovely to meet you all!

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