Hi! I’m Erin, 19, and the wonderful AloraĀ introduced me to this marathon. I live in Queensland Australia so the event for me starts at 11pm (because who needs sleep anyway?) I’m attempting the full marathon and hoping that I at least get one poem of quality out of it! I’ve had writers block for the past little while so am hoping that the themes we’re given can spark some creativity in me! I’m loving reading everyone’s introductions, some people are serious writers while others just want to give themselves a challenge, it’s wonderful!

I’m keen to be a cheer-squad for anyone that needs it throughout the marathon and I hope some of you will do the same for me!

x Erin

(Also, upon re-reading this post I’ve discovered I have a tendency to overuse exclamation marks)

5 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. Hey there !
    Just finished reading your entire stack of beautiful work and thought to thank you for sharing it. There’s so much good things to say about it and I lack the ability to say it. šŸ™
    Fairy Floss. – REALLY got me going, though I did like the Cinderella poem too. You have amazing talent!!
    Thank you again for sharing

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