Prompt #12: nonet

Chipmunk nonet ~


Today I watched a chipmunk savage my sunflower seedlings,

digging with furious claws at the seedling pots

snuffling up an errant seed like cocaine.

No wonder no sunflowers ever sprouted!

Instead, one chipmunk grows sleeker

emboldened and sunflower fed.

I watch unobserved.

He devours


10 thoughts on “Prompt #12: nonet

  1. Great fun! I’m curious how you might write it following the syllabic count 9 to 1. So much of the feel of this version lies in its mouthful of sounds – like the seeds themselves. And boy, do I resonate. In my case it’s rabbits. Same issue but with snap peas.
    Thank you!

  2. I absolutely spaced on this one, Sarah, to be honest. Didn’t realize until well after I finished (exhausted & brain dead!) that it was syllabic count… Sheesh. So here you go:
    Chipmunk savaging sunflower seed pots
    scrabbling with sharp furious claws
    snuffling errant seed like coke
    (sunflower seeds won’t sprout)
    the chipmunk sleekens
    sunflower fed
    I watch

  3. Britton, you had me at “chipmunk!” This poem is so well constructed, very visual and fun to read! I loved your alliteration and you had some amazing lines, ” Like snuffling up an errant seed like cocaine.” This line is so vivid! Well done! My vote is this!

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