The sunshine won’t carry me to my dreams
but I sure would like to ride
those golden rays
out towards my future.

The sun won’t bring me any joy
but I want to spread my wings
like a butterfly
in the warm fields.

The sunbeams won’t take away my worries
but I squint my eyes
in anticipation of
a brighter day somewhere.

If I look hard enough past the rays
I can see something glittering
in the distance
beckoning me
out of the darkness
into something that could be called

2 thoughts on “Sunbeams

  1. I love the tone and overall structure of this poem…its almost like an internal argument as to the benefit of sunbeams. I love the idea (last stanza) that the future is glittering and beckoning the writer out of the darkness. Gorgeous imagery! Beautiful poem!

  2. I like this poem. Despite the poet’s assertion of the things that sunbeams won’t do, it’s as though she is telling us the sunbeams are the underpinnings of the particular topic of the verse. Sunbeams will do all of these things — and more. the sunbeams even point the way into tomorrow. No small feat.

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