Ode to Facebook

Oh my love, my darling love,

and in the words of a well known song,

‘you’re my favourite waste of time’

my opening to the outside world.

My lifeline how you trap me

in knowledgeable clutches you ensnare.

I demand to know how many likes I have for every single share.

Ecstasy washes over meĀ  20 likes, 3 hearts. Whoo hoo

Depression descends, no likes, why don’t they love me anymore. Boo hoo.

Oooh, Jenny’s eaten an ice-cream, well it was a hot day.

And Sandra’s walked three miles and announced it via Nike.

Sarah’s baked a cake from BBC online recipes

And I have liked and loved them all in virtuality.

I must go now and put you down to rest

for it’s crucial for me to sleep unlike you my virtual lust.

Ping, ping, are these more likes?

I’ll just quickly peek and see.


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