Hello, All!

Greetings! I’m Zephie, and I joined the Poetry Marathon for the first time this year!

I’m a college student – a creative writing major! I’m currently on break, and the Marathon will help me greatly in getting some work done this summer before going back in the fall! Hopefully, with blessings, Susquehanna University’s (my school) Poetry Slam club can do something similar to the Marathon during the year, because it seems like a lot of fun!

To prepare I’m going to have a whole lot of water – hydration is important after all – and make sure to use my extra time to walk around and not get overly distracted by Youtube, video games, etc. Basically, keep the mind active! I’m also making sure to get a good night’s sleep every night in advance to prepare.

I look forward to participating with all of you!

Soon come

I am very excited to be doing this marathon, exhausted and without sleep, but excited non the less


Habagat rains

Always raining by hour
Or maybe just paused
For a while
Flooding everywhere
Giving new meaning
Just let it rain unceasingly
Halt stop pause
Rainy unedited such intensity
Just Habagat rains

4:01 PM PST 13/08/2016


Photo source Phil star flash flood






Hello fellow Marathoners! I’m looking forward to today’s marathon. Hope all of you have a good night’s rest!

Hey everyone

I’m so excited to see everyone’s beautiful work and the different styles that other people use. Best of luck to everyone, we got this! 🙂

What is sleep?

Just got home from work. Sleep a little then some poetry. Then work tending bar and tomorrow night well I suppose tonight looking at the time…. That would be tonight we have a band. Hmmm interesting. I will be serving up cocktails and words. Just like I like it. Good luck fellow writers