I am Caitlin Jans but I write under the name Caitlin Thomson.

I came up with the idea to do a poetry marathon three years ago. I thought writing one poem every hour for twenty four hours would push my poetry in new directions.

I was really happy with the results of the first marathon. I have since published many of those poems (after varying amounts of revisions). I wrote poems about subjects I never imagined covering. One poem was titled “The Luxury of Death”.

This is the first time we are trying to do the marathon outside our group of friends so it is a little intimidating. But I love being part of a writing community. As a young writer I never was, but during Graduate School at Sarah Lawrence I was able to find and be part of a wonderful group of writers. I am excited to get a chance to read everyone’s work.

I am preparing for the marathon by attending a poetry reading on Friday, and by planning to do nothing but relax on Sunday. I am gathering a collection of 20 or so poetry books to refer to during the marathon for inspiration. We will go to bed early on Friday night.

We are stocking our house with cold brew coffee (no need to make it the day of), several meals, and a lot of small snacks.

I will also be gathering all 24 poetry marathon prompts and scheduling them to post on the site. So if you have any great prompts email them to me at


Why I am Participating in the Poetry Marathon

About a month and a half ago my wife was suddenly very excited about something. She was practically bouncing in her chair. There was no obvious hint as to why, so I had to ask.

“I have an idea,” she said. “I want to write 24 poems in 24 hours.”

I looked at her, a smile forming on my lips. “Really?”

“Yes! It’s a Poetry Marathon.”

The idea was out there. A little extreme. It reminded me of the time I tried, and failed, to write ten chapbooks in a month. The poetry marathon seemed a little less crazy, and a lot more fun.

“Well, if you’re doing it, I’ve got to join in too.”

Thus, the Poetry Marathon was born.

Why did I decide to join in? I very much like the idea of working hard and having fun at the same time. I want to see what will happen after 24 hours of writing. I want to push my boundaries. I want to have a crazy time with my wife. I want to be able to say, “yes, I did it, I am a Marathon Writer.”

That’s why I’m participating in the Poetry Marathon.

Oh, and there are so many more reasons. More about them later.


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