Tried to go for broke,

but its true it’s not easy,

no less gave it my all,

even when it got cheesy,

most def do it again,

stirred my soul and my pen,

should of started with the Half-Marathon.

The End.

Having Slept

I slept.
I never do without it.
Up for an hour to finish

But I slept.
My old mind.
My old body


Not just to dream
Sometimes I wish I didn’t

Sometimes just to lay still
And heal.

I sleep.
I never go without it.

And so, and so, and so…

Goodnight again, my friends.
Sweet dreams.


Awoken at 3.

Reflective pre-conversation.

Summoned by the King.

Obvious observation.

Chosen, appointed, anointed.

Spiritual interpretation.

Instructions today.

Meaningful connotation.

Obedient through discipline.

Universal education.

Deep sigh of relief.

Steps won’t need wishin’.

Unconditional God, Lord, King.

Another day another mission.



Weary body tries

stifling yawning sighs.

Droopy heavy eyes.


Needing you.

Craving you.

Longing for you.


Yearning to drift

to your soft caress.

Vital reboot

halving my breaths.


Glorious sleep,

mysterious deep.

Closest thing to heaven

we’ll ever know.


Like a log I will fall
Into my Yucatan bed
Like a cosmic fireball
Throwing up behind me
the thin veil
of atmospheric sheets,
I will climb
mountain ranges of pillows
And swim
In seas of warmness
And blankets
And silent sleep will find me
Like I found this bedly planet
And the doodle bug will find a nook
In the warm leg cranny of a meteoric crook
And she will generate heat
Keeping the stone warm
Until the great stone hatches
And I emerge reborn, rejuvenated, refreshed

Icarus 19/24

Legend has it
That you died that day
When your wings
Could not stand the strain
And melted
In the heat of the Sun…

Legend may have it wrong
Since last night
I could have sworn
I saw you
In full flight
As you victoriously
Passed through
The Silver Light
Of the Full Moon…

Icarus –
Why don’t you
Drop me a line?
I would like to know
For sure if it was you –
And if it really was,
Then please share
Your secret with me…

For someday,
When Time is right,
I would like
To also fly away
On wings that can
Withstand the test
Against every

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

#25bis – Angel without wings

Creature_20140921162343 copyMum, mum, there is an angel

In my room



Where is it?


Near the window


Really? I cannot see it


Oh Mum, I am sorry

You cannot see it


I can see it clearly

And even talk with him

He told me you’re the best mum

In the whole universe

I believe everything he says

Because he is just right

About you

You really are

The best mum in the world

And I am not just talking

About our planet

I am sure that anywhere in the Universe

On all the planets

There is nowhere

A more awesome mum

Than you

I repeat

You’re the best mum in all the Universe

Of all time


You make me cry

Come in my arms

And enjoy your dear friend

The angel without wings


How do you know

He has no wings


You just told me


No mum I didn’t

You can hear the angel

And I am sure he can hear you


Not seeing him

Is not important

If you can talk with him

You will now be guided

We will now be guided

By the same

Angel without wings