Intra Tenebris

Cui mens inest tenebris
Nusquam perdo

I am poison, I am pain
A self-created, explosive device
Hell bent and furious
With no regard for anything
Or anyone else
I am a monster
I am evil
A blood-thirsty animal
Hungry and deceptive
Without a conscience to detain me
I am torture, I am carnage
A serpent in the shadows
Loathesome and filthy
With malice in my blackened heart
I am unworthy, I am stained
An airborne plague on humanity
Wretched and venomous
With nothing left to lose
I am vengeance, I am fear
A frail shadow of a man
Weak and sinful
With no means of escape
I am incapable, I am hatred
A mere whisper of happier times
Overloaded and vulnerable
With emptiness at my core
I am defeat, I am regret
A shallow puddle on the ground
Selfish and bitter
With your blood on my hands
I am alone, I am broken
A failed attempt at something worthwhile
Ignorant and foolish
Without you by my side

I’ve met you – 23/24

I’ve met you twice in every life

But nearly ten in this

Because every other meeting

was an opportunity to miss

and in most of the meetings

I had a chance to kiss,

And I never got it right 

Not until this…

I wanted one more chance to make it right

and I met you again

And now I’ll die

Holding your hand

In Doubt

I lack conviction, I am in doubt
I let the seeds of misconceptions sprout
Is no one to help me realize?
Is no one to help me rocognize?
My indecision and confusion rise; I’m perplexed
About what? You may ask next
I have been dubious for long now
Thinking of Creation, and wondering how

Poem #23

This globe, turning slowly in blackness,
host to life upon life,
but moving ever onward,
its cycle unaffected by any event upon its suface.
Its destiny seems to have been decided for it already.
Carry life upon it, as it pirouettes through a vaccuum,
admiring the view of its innumerable neighbors as it twirls.
It has probably witnessed the birth and death of countless stars.
I wonder if it misses them,
its brothers and sisters in space.

#23bis – Cosmos and hell

Creature_20140611135544 copyCosmos and hell

Are getting married

To give a life

To their biggest project so far


Cosmos and hell

Are in deep love

The love of universe,

The one marrying


Cosmos and hell are

In front of your doorstep

Just in order you

Don’t miss it


It’s too late,

You came out

But you didn’t see it

In front of your door


Cosmos and hell

Are getting married

To give a life

To their biggest project so far


Offering you the greatest experience

Of love ever

The greatest experience

You never dared to believe in


You just have to open your heart

Here and now

To cosmos and hell

Getting married


They are there to serve you

To offer you the greatest experience

Anyone has ever had



Cosmos and hell

Are getting married

To give a life

To their biggest project so far






hour 21

The pressure is on and I’m almost there, I look up to the sky with that long lost stare

I’m seeking some guidance some help from above, I can’t get a response but this challenge I love

Now I’m back at it I’m slowly going nuts, failing at this is out of the question I can do this I will kick some Butts

There is no looking back it’s almost here victory I say and it’s all so near

I did it I’m done I’m finally done now I can relax and I have no more fear


19. Coffee, Café, or Tinto?

Capuchino Cup

Coffee please,    

Or Café por favor,   

For some, coffee is more than a morning routine,   

For others, it’s a daily tradition, 

Enjoy your Tinto, Oh sorry!             

Enjoy your  next cup of coffee!                            

 (Acrostic@ 2014 From Poems, Thoughts and More)                                  






I belong here
by right of my own birth
by right of my very existence
so why am I worth so
My skin, my brown skin, my largest organ that protects me from the elements
cannot protect me from hate

I am alive and here so why don’t I deserve to breath the sweet air and walk the earth too
Like every other living being?

I want to walk the earth and live my life

How can I be less than nothing in a world where everything has a place.

We are all made of starstuff, so let me reach my starry foot out of my front door and live the journey they were meant
Instead of being absorbed in the self-doubt of my very existence.

and I’d like to do it without being shot, please.