Untitled Woman

The woman was a writer

Her children, her husband, her friends

knew her only as

a mother, a wife, a friend.


Alone, as she wrote,

she came alive.

A Person, an Artist of Words.


She wrote with her tears,

her laughter, her spirit.

With each passage she wrote,

a little bit of her life

emptied onto the page;


She created masterpieces.

With her words,

the oceans came alive;

the trees moved to the music of orchestras;

and the wind breathed new life into the world.


But when her symphony ended,

nobody knew about

the oceans; the trees; or the wind.

Poem22/24 “tRuE LoVE”

Love is a magical word

Where two person felt a love in their heart

Even how far each other

They will sacrifice to find ways to embrace

There’ll be people around who’s envy

Making stories from one person to another

Making those couple separate

With no specific reason to take

What about those vows?

Those promises?

Its just like that!

From a one envy family nor friend

A tongue can ruin one love

Yes! They are separated!

And those people around them cheer!

Ola! At lastt! That girl is a slut!

And you don’t deserve her!

The girl, named Maria walked away

Still hoping for the love she play

And the boy named Mario find another wife

That his family accept

He don’t love the second wife

He also long for the love he play

He seek Maria

He found, but

Maria doesn’t want to live with him

In order to avoid gossips and trouble

Yes! They are separated

Yet, a very good communication they kept

A string of “love”

They use to play

Within those vows, and promises,

Along those wrinkled bruises

They separate

They communicate

They love





twitch of a hand
movement forward

tapping fingers on
a wooden surface

turn of the head
to a side
blank stare

turn of the head
towards the screen

twitch of a hand
movement forward

hand lowering
on top of
the mouse

clicking “send”

Random Thoughts

In the light of the morning sun
I look into your eyes
And know that even though you smile
You actually lie
Yearning, wondering
Laughing on the outside but really crying
I want to ask why but i hesitate
You will answer
In your diplomatic non-answering answering way
I don’t know what I can say or do
To make you smile from inside out
It seems everything on earth has surpassed your understanding
And your yearnings ask for more
I can’t give you more
I don’t know what more is
I wish I did or maybe I didn’t
You are not my problem right
Or maybe I am wrong
What if my whole purpose in life is to make you smile?
I wish
Now here maybe tomorrow
I can start maybe
Now I wonder off to the place far off
Where sometimes I go to be alone
Away from you, from them
Alone by myself but not lonely
Alone but not quite
My guide awaits
I am sometimes armoured
With weapons you can’t possibly see
Or maybe you can
If you want, Really want
You can have it too
If you want, if you want.


Appeared in five movies, all nominated for Oscars.
Best ad-lib of the late 20th century: “Wyoming.”
Helped his friend, Robert DeNiro and girlfriend at the time, Meryl Streep get discovered.
Played haunted, hopeless losers, but was a gentle man, loved by his friends.
Left this Earth too soon.

Poem 17: In Case of Fire

Please save Virginia. You know-
Virginia Woolf. She’s been with me
since 1984, rising out of doom,
given new life by some sculptor’s
knowing hands. The shape of her hair,
the contours of her face, just right
in some kind of mottled metal.
I don’t know if she would burn,
but I wouldn’t want to take the chance,
after all she’s been through, drowning
herself, being used as fodder by Edward
Albee and countless others. No, I am not
the least bit afraid of her or whether she
might do it again, might fling herself
into the fire if she got half the chance.
Not on my watch, dear. I love your writing
too much to lose you now. So come on,
get in the car. We are still in the race.
Wherever I roam, you will always be there,
giving my rooms some style, some grace.

hour 18

On this road I drive, through the farmlands

I see all the farmers field that one has corn and that one has cows

A little further down is the chicken barns farm fresh eggs for sale says the sign

I drive a little further and there is the pick your own berry farm oh the memories as a child those strawberries  we would pick I would eat more than I put in the basket

There is the hard working farmers working the land to provide us with food

Tractors and combines hard at work as I drive down this road I think wow its hard to keep a farm going

Thank you Mr farmer for the foods you supply I can’t wait to get home and give some a try




Love Is a Language

In English it’s, “I love you.”
“Ana behibak,” in Arabic.
Tunisia says, “Ha eh bak.”
And in Hungary it’s, “Szeretlek.”

Each language says it differently
Yet one thing remains unchanged
No matter what the symbols be
Or in which order they’re arranged

One common language of unity
One uniquely human dialect
That we speak without impunity
And by which we impulsively connect

An innately human characteristic
Is this intimately social code
Which by complexly simplistic heuristics
Spans the entirety of our globe

So when you hear, “S’agapo,”
You don’t have to brush up on your Greek
To know also that, “Je t’aime,” is I love you
In both French and in Belgique.

So many ways to say, “I love you.”
Each might sound to the other strange
But imagine one day if in Belarus you hear, “Ja ciabi liubliu”
Spoken by a good friend who lives in Ukraine
And then that friend tells another friend, “Ya tebe kahayu”
And their friends to their friends and their friends again
Well I figure it wouldn’t take but maybe a year or two
Until eventually, at least conceivably,
The whole world would see
That no matter which continent or country
Or which nationality one may claim
One thing that has proven the test of time
That we all speak love the same.

#22bis – Florescence

20150421-112401-437-magichealingplant copyIt’s magic to talk to plants

It’s magic and off the ground

Comes all wizardry about

When the sun is out


Suddenly when the night falls

Nothing continues to grow

As it used to do


Oh it seems to be growing

But it’s just pretending to


Florescence is the most beautiful

Word I ever heard in your mouth

When the sun falls

And the night is out


It doesn’t matter where you come from

What you think and what you know

We are here to nurture our souls

And be delighted by our faith


In our love so deep for each other

Nobody can compete with

Such a deep and big love

Nobody can embrace it


You have to let the love falls in you

And never again let you falling in Love

As you do


Start now

Let the love fall in You

And you will be big

As well as you will be true