Could I? #9

If you were the house on the hill
Could I stay the winter there?
If you were a king in the sky
Could I your enemies slay?
If you wore the stars as a crown
Could I be the stardust in your hair?
If you were the flower in the field
Could I be the leaf that you grazed?
If you held a gun in your hand
Could I be the trigger that swayed?
If you were the sea, deep and wide
Could I be the sun that drowned in your waves?
If you were the song in the night
Could I be the voice singing it aloud?
If you were all I had, my anchor in the strife
Could I still be the one who cut you with a knife?

I Doubt It, That’s Why

I must doubt
That I can lose
This weight.

To live without
A sip of booze
Then wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait
For the scales to tip
And salt to not best me.

It’s maddening.

I must doubt
That I have time
To try

To be about
The need to climb
So high.

It’s saddening.

I must doubt
I have the will
To be

Someone with clout
And thinner still
Than me.

Too gladdening.

Poem 24: To Sleep, Perchance

To dream, but dreams are lost,
for it’s been years since I’ve
remembered mine. I didn’t get
to write my own version of
“The Road Less Taken,” although
I meant to try. Perhaps I’ve lived it,
or will, before I’m done. I know this,
that there is no sleep today, or in
many days to come. I have promises
to keep, and miles to go, many miles
ahead. Where they will take me,
I do not know. But I know I’ll be there,
to meet the rest of myself, when I arrive.
And life, and the memory of it, will be
there, too, I hope and pray. Let me
remember my life better than I
have remembered my dreams, until
I am too old to do anything but sleep.

24hr Marathon “Goodbyes”

A poets dream
Letting someone in
Words and streams

Saying good bye
To the souls
Who saw my cries?
Written roles
So, profound

Thank you for this amazing time……..

Nature (hour 24)


Clothes in beauty as nature surrounds you,
nothing can change the way you grow.
Flowers cascading down your wonderful body,
clothing you with the beauty of nature
The blooming flowers are dancing all over you like they will never be hurt
Birds singing in the trees like none is listening,
entertaining nature and giving ease.

The feeling of being caressed by nature tells you your in love,
no need for sleep
as the heart skips a beat,
entwined with Nature is what keeps the feet rooted

Colors are brilliant and bright blazing around you
Laughter is apart of your daily life
giving birth to nature as she continues to spring around you

You open heart knows that there’s a chance it may be broken
Yet you open your heart, you experience the love and joy you never dreamed of.
being vulnerable is the way you allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it makes your scared.
Nature’s gently breeze blows thought your hair, giving surmount of care
Your hope and security is the beauty that surrounds your everyday life.


To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

an Insomniac’s most fervent Desire

I welcome sleep like a long~lost Lover, beckoning

begging beautifully

But it runs from me.

elusive, enticing, forever taunting…

which witch~potion cuddled me last, i disremember

only knowing screams of terror filled my heavy ears awakened

i could not see, wet eyes, for the screaming, the screaming, the screaming…

The SSSssssscrrreammmmming?

( ’twas me )


Morning dew. Fresh lawn mowing. Sunday’s best. Got to get going. Grinds awaiting. Coffee brewing. Hesitating. Still not moving. Stuck in bed. Where’s my head. Bathroom hailing. Detour instead.

Wash the Past

The end of erternity

That is all I ask

And that equals everything

To wash away the past

The night whispers silent

Like the stillness of winter

Footsteps echo

Icefall, shatter, splinter

Awaiting your word

Releasing your breath

Under crushed frame

Now you taste of death

He is ready to accept you are gone

While as for me?

It’s gone on too long