Side by side #11

Gold,silver and crystal
Trophies arrayed in a row
A stone’s throw away
Lies his exquisite coffin
The awards and the wooden box
Lay there,side by side
The gold and the wood
Both would start to rust
The trophies and the coffin
Both would maintain silence
Till dust they were
Side by side.

Happy Lane

Colorful Birds sing out their morning melodies,

Soft sunshine wafts down gently to me,

My flower beds surround me, peace is attained.

As I find myself each morning strolling down happy lane.

Kristina #10

The curtain falls
To a round of applause
Astounding was the play
Packed, the theatre
Pitch perfect were the songs
The dialogue,heartfelt
A perfect mix of pathos and praise
The script came to life
In the legendary stage

The manager congratulates
“Do this every night
Bring out the star in you
You’re the world’s dream tonight”
You smiled the sweetest smile
And said it was a pleasure
To be,for a time,the characters
You’ve grown to love and treasure

The stage became silent
The lights turned off
The hall left bare
The seats empty.
The after-party began
Neon lights,synthetic sounds
Smell of cigarettes, wine and perfume
Food and laughter pervaded the room.

And then you shrink back
Into the shadows
I see your tears
Your silent whimper
You go out into the night
Clad in purple and white
The victory song that thrilled every heart
At the play’s climax,now forgotten
Your powerhouse voice, silent and broken
Puts on a black veil and withdraws unspoken.

Oh!Queen of the stage, why do you cry?
Isn’t the play over? Kristina’s tears wiped away?
Oh! Star of the night, why do you wish to die?
Is it that they don’t know who you really are?
Its true, I wonder I don’t know your name
Has a fictional girl taken your identity away?
Kristina of the stage,Oh! Kristina of the world
Say your name just once ‘ere the silent goodbye.


I need someone to hold

Hold it all at bay

Someone to drink

My tired skin

Silence what I cannot say

I need the day to


Away from tired hands

Too many vampires

Suck my soul

And drain me where I stand

Let me lie

In star lit eyes

Cover Earth

In shallow blood

Hallowed tears

Cover still my ground

Caress it unbeloved

Flowers scream

In night tune

Clouds harbor

Clouds harbor weeping stain

Dreams lie in  thier casketcasket

Without a carried name

Wilt me into


Until I kiss the dead

Cut my tongue with rosebush

Let loose within my head

I’ve nothing more to bleed

You’ve drained me

Till I’m dead

Now I need to sleep

In eternal bed




A Moment in Eternity 24/24

A street child is begging for a slice of bread,
His dull black eyes spelling hopeless despair…
A woman neatly dressed in a luxurious coat
Quickly looks away, then crosses the road.
A limousine driver brakes excessively,
Hoots in anger, shouts aggressively
As a wasted old tramp limps across the street:
Down trodden, barely able to breathe.

Life is an endless, motley, milling mass
Of coming and going and inhaling trash
And fighting to survive…
And no-one seems to care one bit
About who makes it to the top and who lands in the pit
In this crazy rat race that we call “life” –
All that matters is that “I” should win,
Casting all the rest in life’s waste bin.

A businessman getting home late from work
Removes the mask behind which he lurks
His only companion is his pedigreed dog –
His family’s been lost in life’s fog
In a pub a dad is squandering his weekly wage…
Nothing’s left for his family in their dead-end maze
Their life without his nurturing has taken its toll
Leaving weariness and heaviness of soul.

Life is an everlasting puppet show,
Every puppet going through their own private hell
Playing life from bow to bow.
And no-one’s able to walk away
As the puppet master keeps us all at bay
With invisible strings from which we dangle
Each of us awaiting fate
In life’s drama with it’s senseless debate.
Life still holds us in continuous defeat
We’re confusing happiness with lust and greed
The strings that tie us are our prison bars
And closet skeletons remain where they are.
Selfishness controls our lives
‘Cause “It’s my OWN little world that has to thrive!”
Life’s misery’s becoming more and more…
There’s no escape… we keep missing the Door…

And suddenly I realize with ice cold clarity:
We’re forever trying to outdo ourselves
While we cast the rest of us aside
We’re pushing Life beyond our reach
While we greedily keep bowing to Mammon’s leech
And keep ruling our existence from our own little niche
Fighting stubbornly to be in control
As we’re headed for a strong brick wall.

And until we acknowledge we’re ALL human souls
And start to love one another without seeking reward
Will we trample each other and take revenge
‘Cause “I’m just being my own best friend!”
Until then, Lord Jesus, does the task remain mine
To testify in Your Name – to be the Light that shines…
Until at last everyone has become Your child
Will I point to You as the Door to Life

Life is an immeasurably priceless entity
That was given to us by our Loving Father
For a moment in eternity
And what we’ll do with it
Depends on whether we’ll be able to realise
We need to enter through Jesus, the only Door
That only then will we really thrive…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

Early Morning 23/24

Sun is rising
Birds are singing…

Minutest detail of
Nature’s treasure exposed
In Kaleidoscopic beauty…

Morning gradually breaks out
In brilliant Rhapsody
Of sound and colour –
Crimson touches Cirrus clouds
And turns them all to Rose –
Gentle colours wash the sky
In Summer sunrise rapture…

Sweet scent of Eucalyptus
And Roses fills the air –
I inhale the fragrance…

Bless this small Community…

For within their treasured midst
I feel heaven sent secure

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

Weeping Daughter

Weeping daughter

Don’t you know that you can have joy

For what you thought was the best thing, doesn’t even compare to what more

I have in store for you, if you would just believe

Your words speak a faith, yet, your heart is unbelief

Weeping daughter

Let me dry your eyes

Holding onto yesterday

Causes you to lose sight of renewed hope with a new day

I haven’t counted you as lost

You are still among the fold

I am the Good Shepard

With my loving hands, I will console

Weeping daughter

Look up with expectation

Man may have rejected you

But with me you’ve received acceptance

My shed blood has washed and purged your sin

Stop behaving like the swine

Returning to wallow in filthy pits

I have shown great mercy

With each breath you take

Yet, I am a jealous God

I will not share my glory

Do not mistake

Delayed judgment

For my being in agreement

Evil is wicked

Yet my plans work within it

Because you have free will

I will not force myself on you

I’m the perfect gentleman

Yet, one day soon time will end

Weeping daughter

Don’t lose hope

there’s work for you to do

Share your testimony

About what I can do

Others are waiting on you to show your light

Don’t hide under bushel

You’re required to be in plain sight

Your doubts and fears

Cast your cares on me

I was a man acquainted with your grief

Remind yourself of what my Son came to do

Encourage yourself in me

When ecstatic and when blue

Weeping daughter

Hear these words

Do not harden your heart

I will perform every promise

You’ve gotta be willing to depart

From self and be guided by my Holy Spirit

Too many with itching ears don’t recognize Truth when they hear it

I ask you to follow me on this sometimes lonely road

But your destination will be a crown in your Heavenly abode

COME HOME, my child

Congratulations Marathoners!


You did it! Congratulations! I am very much impressed! You wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. This is an achievement that few poets ever accomplish. Now you should probably go get some sleep.

After every marathon I have participated in I, have been filled with exhaustion but also a tremendous sense of achievement. I hope you have that too.

If you completed the marathon please send us an email in the next couple of days to with your full name and email address in the body of the email. In the next few weeks you should receive your digital certificate.


My dearest love

Your heart is beating with mine.

You are never faraway because my heart has two beats.

One beat is my love for you.

The other beat is your love .

That never left my heart.

Yes to confession,
No to the crime,
Yes to the poet,
No to the rhyme,
Yes to the wasting,
No to the waste,
Yes to the progress,
No to the haste,
Yes to the helping,
No to the sigh,
Yes to the process,
No to the lie,
Yes to embolden,
No to the bold,
Yes to the glowing,
No to the gold,
Yes to the searching,
No to the coal,
Yes to the sharing,
No to the toll,
Yes to the heartbeat,
No to the cage,
Yes to the freedom,
No to the slave,
Yes to uncensored,
No to the bleep,
Yes to the music,
No to the creep,
Yes for the people,
No for the cop,
Yes from the bottom,
No from the top.