Ponderables (hour 11 prompt)

On days when I am feeling
I think of when I was a kid
and my potential
career choices changed

I once wanted to be
a forest ranger
though confusing one with
the Lone Ranger
I was disappointed to
learn that not many
people were
mean to trees

Plus, they would’ve
stuck me in a swamp
wearing gumboots and
chasing leeches

I never wanted to be
one of those
window washers
though watching them
from inside
turned out to be cool –
the opposite
from when I learned
from a baker
that sourdough really was
SOUR dough
alive, actually.

my times of dwelling on
such things is
fairly limited
as I don’t have a lot of
bad days

And when I do
I’m never
really depressed and
don’t even say I have
the blues
more just a case of
the periwinkles

– Mark L. Lucker

© 2021


10 thoughts on “Ponderables (hour 11 prompt)

  1. I love that you were able to take tales of childhood wonder and spin them into this poem while limited by the phrases contained in the prompt. You definitely rose above the limitations and used them to your advantage.

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