Hour Twenty One ~ Umbrella is the Thing

Text Prompt

Write a poem that’s no more than 50 words, but one of those words must be either umbrella, or almond.



Children today,
love chips, chocolate nutella-
sandwich with ketchup
but frown at fruit and vegges

only the kebabs are the ‘thing”.

Digital games never tire ,
no carom Scrabble cards, just Ludo
Playing in the rain when it’s in Summer or Spring

walk in the lawn –umbrella is the thing”

Hour Nineteen ~ My Friend’s City ~

There are so many nature poems out there. Our prompt for this hour of the night is to write a poem for a city, real or imagined.


My Friend’s City

When I visit your page,it is as if I am visiting your place in a famous city
a city of japanese gardens, a kaleidoscope of bright flowers,of music in the air
reaching out it turns into a dream and I wish I was actually there-

when I visit your page I feel the warmth of your hospitality, an aroma of a hot cup
of coffee served with chocolate muffins and strawberries, bright sun
shines through the window as

your soft furry cat eyes me jealously and springs and slips around me finally landing
onthe sofa, while you smile patiently, and I wish I had a cat if not anyone else around-

when I visit your page I hear the cars and trucks on the road down below,
an occasional siren or two, your city is so well planned and seems a lot
in order so, unlike many others

when I visit your page I find your city full of books and magazines, inhabited by talented
gifted authors and poets,it gives me great joy to find
a reading public lives nearby

My visit to your page guides me through my thoughts, I compose words on paper
and leave for you to see, and hope and pray that I may come again and again
to leave all affection there and take love away.

26 June 2022

Hour Eighteen ~A Brief Line A Moment of Joy

Write a poem about a moment of joy.                                         

A brief line, yet a complete letter,
Nothing, nothing could have been better,

fears dispelled but, brought more tears
not of sadness, but of joy,
pearls my eyes shed so many
metamorphosed to a tsunami

crossing the ocean beaches,
and bonded fetters unseen,
washing away the clinging pain,

I turn to the letter again
and again, speechless as more
tears surge with more joy,

a few words sent
were for another’s joy meant,
two lines and a picture
made up my letter,

but what came in return
teaches a lesson and
makes us learn,
words sincere and said
truly from the heart
touch true feelings,

with even a brief letter
bring happiness and joy
an eternal treasure.
though tears may fall but

Hour Seventeen ~ Call Cyclops ~

Text Prompt:

“Write a poem that involves a mythical monster in some capacity, whether it’s as a side character, a prop, a villain or even the protagonist.” – contributed by Bhasha Dwivedi.


Call Cyclops !
People with two eyes have become blind !
Have lost their sane mind
have lost the spirit of being kind.

They lie, cheat, deceive and rob
do not leave a single grain,on the cob

Call Cyclops !
for he may see
the cruelty killing and rape
the guilty making good their escape.

Call Cyclops !
he will catch the culprits
and put them behind bars or
send them for ever upto the stars.

Call Poseidon !
To clean the oceans and rivers
to save sea animals and food for fishes.

Call Aeolus !
To clean the air. purify the
atmosphere, increase oxygen everywhere.

All are mythical creatures
No wonder the world is not getting cleaner!

Hour Sixteen ~ Guardian of Oaths

Nothing survives without you
You the Guardian of oaths
Symbol of the gift of sight
travel across the skies , in
a four winged horse chariot
effulgent scathingly warm
till a fixed time

I a spirit celestial but human form
am one with Light from morn till
the hours reach their allowed limit,
and darkness begins to emerge
and merge,casting a pall, studded
with starry jewels gems twinkling
till a fixed time


26 June 2022

Hour Fifteen ~ Knitting and I ~

Write a poem about someone or something you have lust for.” by Daryl Cole Curnow.


When I have nothing else to do, I sit
and knit and knit and knit all day-
only getting up when its time to pray
then back again to the needles to fit

I knit for babies I knit for kids
I love to mix the colours bright
I love to knit pullovers tight
and now for the hands the mitts

I find the mind involved and away
from all stress strife and things astray
I feel happy that I have the skill to make
clothes for others to keep warm and awake

for me its a reading calculating book
I see beyond the normal outlook
I see the stars rainbows in stitches
away stays sadness magic and witches

Its good to have this as a hobby
pray count and blend happiness
stay focused on The Good Scheme
Be blessed in heart smile in the dream.

Hour Fourteen ~ The Wise Tree ~

“Tell me an old story (like a folktale from your culture, a fairytale you heard when you were young or a story passed down in your family).


Tree Stories are common in the East

“Moaning again? You are being ungrateful! When will you ever realize?” said Pine, standing tall and graceful, swaying just a bit from side to side. “Stop please, dear Hedge, your moaning is disturbing everyone. If one plant is grieving, it affects all, keep in leaves the environment. It is vital for the well-being of all living here,” explained Pine.

“I try to, I am trying to, but see I have no color, no flowers, no one looks at me; me the green, green hedge, and I am so short. Oh! It so hurts my small twigs,” complained Hedge.

“Ah, listen to what the Great Persian Writer Sheikh Saadi wrote in a short story about a king and his son,” said Pine.

“Bah! What story? Don’t tell me about kings and princes and fairies and…,” mumbled Hedge in contempt.

Pine continued anyway saying, “The king would think that his son was short and ugly so no princess would marry him. But, the son was sharp and intelligent; he asked his father, “Isn’t a short intelligent person better than a tall but stupid one? The goat can be eaten but not the elephant.” The king was shaken and immediately regretted his unreasonable thoughts. “So, being sensible is the key. I cannot bend, but you can see the earth and be with so many friends, and if you feel happy about yourself, the way nature has made you, you will bloom and develop a strong fragrance. So bloom you will, even in isolation. Only you can make yourself happy”, concluded Pine.

Together the Hedge and the Pine swayed with the light breeze, as music filled the air, making it strangely fragrant.

25 June 2022

Hour Thirteen ~ Image ~ How Faithful You Are

Sadness on your face tells me that
you are missing someone,
most likely your family.

Please know that all are well
they spend the night just outside my door
sometimes they sleep under the car
three to count and a fourth just, come.

You are remembered every night
when all of them bark out loud
with all their might-

I think they send you good thoughts
wishes and prayers, so be good-

I know how faithful you are
to those who care
your name is lovely, Lumpy is rare.
Your bed is cosy and fair

smile as I write I look at you
your heart is kind-so
I would not mind
if you just continue to stare

25 June 2022

Hour Twelve ~ On Image ~ Ode to a Nigerian Piece of Art

Ode to a Nigerian Piece of Art

O Thou unbeaten unsounded circular percussion !
I admire Thee !
Placed elegantly in bride like silence
in historical African time
your smooth skin silky top, classically stitched
with legendary leather, patterns criss crossed holds
to secure the haunting beats-

What romantic tales bang out
what messages sweet
what calls for secret help
what melodies or saddened grievs

O Thou Classic Beat !
flanked by sturdy woven seats
and a royal blue vase to complete
the ancient kingdom’s high seat

O Thou African Beauty!
I admire Thee !
Thou hast thy music and grace
Soon the silence will break
thou shalt remain for ever
Beating out love and eternal peace.

25 June 2022