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A streamer, youtuber, bearer of cats, I wear many many hats. I'm biographically innocent, innocently impossible, impossibly personable, personably social, socially acceptable, acceptably weird. An adult by America's standards but not by my own. I live to write and write to read, I read to live.

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Hi, I'm Joy Miller. I'm an actress, singer, songwriter, computer geek who got into poetry back in 1974 for intramural competitions. Poetry interpretation is at the core of my acting technique. Nothing like it! The condensed soup of all literature. I have two grown children - one in New York City, the other in Austin, TX. Looking forward to the marathon! DISCLAIMER: Everything I write is imaginary, though some of it may seem very real. Yes, be it known that I am as F.O.S. as many of my inspirations.

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Hi everyone. I have been doing the 24 Hour Marathon for years! I am married to a poet David Wilson ( the love of my life!), I have self- published 3 poetry chapbooks ( Under the name Cinthia Albers) and edited anthology for Maui Live Poets ( a great group!) I live on Maui, formerly lived in California and I grew up in Nebraska.

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Hi there!

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A single mother, twice-published and co-author of multiple books, I am a simple poet who loves the written word, her son, and am a professed Anglophile with a loving partner and a wonderful life. The written word is my soul, and I anticipate a new writing challenge.

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Hi kids. 2023 will mark my EIGHTH Poetry Marathon. Glorious. Started as a whim - now it is a yearly grail. Not only have I written lots of poetry, but I have produced multiple books directly related to the marathon. I have developed a large cadre of online, creative, inspirational friends. The list tends to grow at least a little every year - but that core group from 2015? LOVE 'em. Yeah, doing this again. Labor Day weekend? Labor of love. And exhilaration. See you there!

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I'm a writer who lives in Kansas City, and I'm looking forward to the marathon, which after going back, was my ninth.

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For about 27 years my adult life has been enriched immeasurably by my friends and co-conspirators in the Maui Live Poets Society. It is through these exceptional folks that I've blossomed as a poet. Best of all, my loving wife Cindy Albers and I met through MLPS. Cindy--a truly accomplished writer and poet--and I both will be pounding out poems on our respective laptops here on the windward shore of Maui. (Already I feel the need for a nap.) Once again, thank you to Caitlin and Jacob and the other volunteers for this sterling opportunity! Good luck to us all! Big Group Hug, waldomaui (sometimes known as Bear)

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Born to write, inspired by many, Published Author since 2014, Soaring High, a born Jamaican.

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Writing from my farmhouse in a very green Vermont. I do not live with any humans but enjoy the company of dear Millie, my Boston Terrier. A widow for five years, a grandmother of six, I consider myself a "last responder" as my work is grave digging. With a shovel! I have enjoyed the Poetry Marathon for several years and look forward this round.

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SO looking forward to this year’s marathon, perhaps even more than the last two because writing time has been difficult to carve out lately. I’m buzzing and bursting with words that need a home, and tomorrow is the day I hope they find it. Much love to my Some Poets family that are participating, and to everyone else accepting this sustaining challenge as well! Tracy Plath

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Hi My name is Torri. This is my 8th marathon. I recently returned back to my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri from Tacoma Washington, and I could use a bit of write-spiration. I plan to stay pumped by getting plenty of rest beforehand. I hope it works! I look forward to reading some of everyones beautiful poetry soon!

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Since 2015, the Poetry Marathon has provided a creative outlet for an old woman with lots of images, feelings and actions that need to be shared through poetry. I learn and grow through this process. My mother, who is 97, commented that I haven't been writing as much as I have in other years. I agree. Watch out world! I have a lot to say.

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Rachel is a gifted Multi-Platform Solutionary Artivist working primarily with Energy Transformation. With a strong focus on Women’s Leadership, Youth Empowerment and bridging intergenerational connections, Rachel seeks to close the gaps in social, environmental and spiritual justice movements; in a constant search for the intersectionality in every opportunity to make positive change. Art, Music, Design, Performance and Humor (+a little Mountain Girl Magic) drive the methods to which she has amassed a wealth of “First Aid” tips for the Mind Body & Spirit. Although she has immersed herself in many traditions and bodies of work, Rachel chooses not limit herself to any one school, modality, religion or training. “A lot happens when we change our mind, and even more happens when we bring creative flow to the movement. We all have gifts to bring to the work, and only together will we weave the strongest threads of our safety net!” Some of Rachel’s past & Current Projects: —Title Track Michigan—Board Member —Wildwood Path— Nature Connection Conduit --United Nations representative--Wittenberg Center --Advisor at Center For Earth Ethics (Union theological Center @Columbia University) --Producer The Same Boat Radio --Pathway To Paris: (Collaborative Artist) Rachel’s drive to be effective in the world on a grander scale, is fueled by connecting, engaging, supporting and promoting those working for a just and sustainable planet for regenerations to come. The Same Boat Radio- Rachel hosts a weekly 2 hour radio show on WIOF LP Woodstock 104 A Community Powered, Pacifica affiliated, radio station in Woodstock. Rachel is has a way of spreading Haiku Love. Her 50 card Deck, Haiku For Thought is about to go into its second printing. Keep an eye out for companion decks! Http://HaikuForThought.com

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I lived in south Alabama for most of life until September 2015 when I moved to Calgary, Alberta. I am married, have two grown sons, and 4 that call me Nanna (ages 15,(almost)12,11, and (almost) 10. I have a diploma in Disability Studies and I am currently working at a preschool/kindergarten for children with special needs.

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Born to write. Inspired by words. I've been writing poems, short stories, and non-fiction (mostly journaling) for years, but never shared. The Poetry Marathons have brought me out of my shell. The friendships and support found are amazing!

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Hello everyone ,I am from India and I am here to talk less and write more....

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Is a member of the dandylion collective, a small writers' group based in South Australia. He is primarily a poet, who strangely, enjoys drinking wine (his predilection is Sauvignon Blanc, bubbles is second preference, & is also partial to pretty much anything else - except red bubbles, urrrgh!). In 2014, he co-edited the Friendly Street Poets Annual Anthology 38 "The Infinite Dirt" ... ... & co-edited it again in 2020, Anthology 42, titled simply "Q" (& if you remember the weirdness of that year, you'll soon understand why) ... as well as judging the SAETA Awards for that year. 2019 Two chapbooks published "the soft humus of sleep" & "the loam of our dreams" 2012 a solo collection ‘Gunyah’ Healing published as part of Friendly Street Poets New Poets 17 in 2012 (along with John Pfitzner & Rachael Mead). He has been published in Eureka Street & InDaily Poet's Corner; as well as poems in The Infinite Dirt, Patterns of Living, Light and Glorie, Flying Kites, dB magazine, Iron Lace & others. Career highlights include: having his poem “Many-Worlds Quantum Mechanics Vs Earth-Based Grease Monkeys” published in The Best Australian Science Writing 2013; winning Second Place & $1000 for writing a poem on a pretty obscure topic after finding a competition which closed in 6 hours that same day; & having “i thought the moon was a cop car in my rear vision mirror as i drove home late last night …” short listed for the 2012 Satura Prize, 2014 WP Yeats Poetry Prize, 2015 Interstellar Award among others.

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A human who seeks beauty, truth, and enlightenment in all her works...

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Awkward and weird in epic proportions and a bit of a freak. I write what I am afraid to tell you. 🙂

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Grappling with the precision of words to express nothing. Almost nothing. For the eighth time. Three cats, two kids, one spouse. A life wrapped in brambles. And a quart of dreams moldering, more relinquished to the starlings every year. And words, fewer still, flung from their murder back to me.

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Roy Mark Azanza Corrales, commonly called by his peers or friends as simply Roy or Mark , has always been fond of reading books since he was studying his early basic education at Marist School , Marikina. The Marist High School Library , with its wide array of books becomes his haven. He then became associate editor of Reconciliare , the newsletter of University of La Sallete Seminary in Silang Cavite and was also a national literary editor of NFJPIA Newsletter. He had joined collegiate parliamentary debate and accounting quizzes. During his spare time , he made a point to write inspiration in a poetry genre. He studied BSBA Management Accounting at ABE International College of Business and Accounting in Cainta, Rizal. He was a former seminarian in a Franciscan all -male monastery named Adoration Friars of Saint Clare (AFC) where he acquired Frater Maximilian Marie of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, AFC as his religious name. There, he also become a secretary general of secretary of the community, and former catechist in a Diocese of Antipolo parish. The solace of solitude often invited him to discern and marvel about human existence and spirituality in making life more meaningful. After the awarding of PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM 2013, he underwent research and was able to contribute a press release entitled “Philippine : Poetry Hub of the World.” He also contributed to different anthologies like I am poetry, Verses: Typhoon Yolanda A Storm pf Philippine Poets (edited by Eileen Tabios), and many more. In 2013, he was able to organize a one-man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories. He did the same in 2014 and in 2015, aside from the one-man poetry show, he also made his first visual poem and was posted at PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY named “humility.” Roy is currently a corporate secretary in ALGACROPS, INC. a family business engaged in exportation of dried seaweeds. Roy is a spoken word artist from Laya Manila since July 2017. Roy is currently engaged in publication of own works and other authors works through his own publishing company duly registered as RMAC BLOOMING PUBLISHING.

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I'm that awkward position between life and death

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I was born in Los Angeles, in the early '60, both Sun and Moon in Pisces at my arrival, and this intersection seems to pour from me. I am a mother of one, and grandmother now also, wearing the joys and terrors of a life well lived as a sort of armor for my last half here. I am articulate and shy, yet open enough so that no one notices the shy bits, or I hope not anyway. I hold confidences in my hidings. I am educated, try to be well spoken, and am a musician and writer. I work to live, managing myself so that I am never swept away into the opposing world of live to work. I believe in the Collective Consciousness of All that has ever been, All that Is, and All that will ever Be. It, and the extensions of It, are my religion. Regardless of my size, as it is known to fluxuate, I can often be found lying nude, or partially, under the Sun, or buoyant in the waters off my Pacific Island home, allowing healing and growth to purify me, and strengthen me. I am simple. What remains of my heart floats in a zip lock baggy, taped to the backside of my ribcage... I write poems. .

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Managing Editor of The Drowning Gull, Student Editor at Pensworth, and Associate Editor at Zoetic Press. Published in Pensworth, Albion Review, and NonBinary Review. twitter: @kdunnewriter

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Donna *** Teacher, learner, wonderer, dreamer *** Writer of Things, some of them poems or near facsimiles

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Virginia Carraway Stark is a number one internationally best selling award winning author and had an honorable mention at the Cannes Film Festival for her screenplay Blind Eye. She has won awards for her poetry, novels and essays as well as nominations for her essays, blogs and other writings. She has written in numerous genres and has written in collaborations as well as in novels. She's written for presses from Simon and Schuster to smaller presses and is always up for a trying something new. She's passionate about writing although she rarely takes herself seriously. She believes in fun and measures success in terms of satisfaction rather than bank accounts or awards and prestige. She is frequently found on interviews and author panels, radio shows and online but usually, she's behind her computer or a good book or somewhere in nature. She has succeeded in completing writing specialties from Weslyan University and a specialty in ecology from Yale university. She is currently studying music from the University of Rochester. Learning is yet another of Virginia's passions. You can find out more at www.virginiastark.wordpress.com and then clicking on the 'about me' section.

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Hi I am a poet from Australia, words are my oldest friends.

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Lover of poetry, myth, and story.

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Angel — Lesbian ⚢ ▪︎ 28 ▪︎ she/her ▪︎ Neurodivergent writer of death poems, friend haver, television watcher, reader, lover of The Dresden Dolls & owner of grief. I have two full length collections: Aurelia and Blake! Check out my website to purchase.

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My name's Ian. I write prose about the future and poetry about the present.

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I’m a poet, writer, photographer, artist, nature lover, mom, friend and animal lover. I live in Bremerton with my wildly talented and beautiful fiancée who is my best friend and also a poet. I work from home for Martin Luther King County government and am a lifelong Washingtonian. I have self published two poetry volumes available for sale on amazon.com and through other outlets. I’m currently working on preparing a third volume of poetry for publication.

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I’m Sandi- An artist all my life, I began writing poetry in high school but not seriously. In 2001 I took a poetry class, and that’s what lit the fire for me. Ever since, I’ve been writing when the fire burns hot and wild. I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1988 and then pursued writing and poetry in the new millennium. This will be my fifth year in the marathon.

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Harvey Schwartz Statement of Purpose Biography I grew up in a suburban Philadelphia area much like Archie Bunker’s. I was a Jewish kid in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood. I didn’t like Hebrew School, because it separated me from many of my friends. A priest told my friends not to play with me. This and other related events created a paradox. I felt compelled to defend the religion that I didn’t embrace. I tried to disprove the stereotypes that crashed upon me like waves at high tide. Jewish kids aren’t athletic or tough were the only ones I could address and it energized me every time I crashed the boards playing basketball. But it also taught me that the world didn’t owe me success. My love of sports was also a saving grace from the boring life that seemed preordained. I had to study science, which I hated, in order to get into a pre-dental program in college. By then I might have come to my senses sans the carrot of a Vietnam War draft exemption. I bit hard. Going to Woodstock changed me. And a year later my draft lottery number was high enough to free me. But being a slow learner, I thought I’d give dental school a try, since I’d already been accepted. I didn’t last a quarter. I spontaneously quit. Then I joined a hippy commune, which segued into a nine thousand mile hitch hiking adventure that crossed Canada and included Alaska, Oregon and California. I never returned to live in the east. And many hitching adventures followed. In 1973 I returned to college for teacher training and became a tutor/councilor for Lummi Indian kids in Bellingham, WA. Then I taught in a school run by an internationally known (but under the radar locally) psychic, on Orcas Island, WA. This was followed by a one year stint teaching fifth grade in a tiny town on the Yakama Indian Reservation, where I learned more than I taught. Next was a vision quest of sorts back to Orcas Island. I pitched a tipi with the intention of staying there until I knew my next step. I happened upon a chiropractic office and the subsequent chain of events led to a twenty five year career as a chiropractor. My life and practice were featured in a cover story of Chiropractic Economics in 2003. My wife Colleen was doing a vision quest of her own on neighboring San Juan Island during mine on Orcas. We were married on Leap Year Day in 1976. Colleen and our children Jerome and Devan are all accomplished writers. I retired in 2004 and the next years were focused on travel, my garden, and being part of an Improv group. In 2010 I went to hear a lecture at Western Washington University on the wrong day. I somehow came home enrolled in two creative writing classes. I was quickly hooked. I appreciate the exceptional opportunity writing affords me to reflect and write about what I’ve experienced and learned. It’s a lot like Improv, but without the speed factor. Coaching from professors helps me tell a better story and classmate feedback is invaluable. I still enjoy the luxury of frequent and widespread travel while the garden that I’m trying to simplify seems to keep getting bigger. Randomness, dilemmas, paradoxes, and peripheral vision are a big part of my writing palette. My goal is to paint a picture that is insightful, enjoyable, and artistic.

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I grew up in Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley, positioned between the beautiful San Juan Mountains to the west and the breath-taking Sangre De Christo Mountains to the east. I am currently living in Utah. I am a father of four amazing children. My wife and I have two of my children with granddaughters living at home with us. I am now, the proud grandpa of three beautiful granddaughters. The two oldest call me Papa. A name that is more endearing than any other. I enjoy late evening swims, reading books, gardening, painting with the assistance of computer technology (GIMP) and taking hikes in the Utah and Colorado mountains and foothills. And of course, I also enjoy writing poetry and sharing it with my friends and family. I have had my personal struggles in life and poetry has helped me come out victorious over them.

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All play and no words makes Jack an idle boy. So... don't.

rainmaker -113 posts

I am a young adult who enjoys writing. I don't make enough time nor encourage myself to write as much as I would like. I am still finding my place in the world.

mavschick41 -111 posts

I’ve been on a journey of rediscovery the past decade or so, trying to remember, relearn, and even reinvent myself. Just who the heck did I think I was? Better yet, who did I want to be? Although the answers have evolved over the past few years — like I truly believe I have done — one thing has always remained the same: my love of writing. This is the one day every year that I am totally selfish and make things literally ALL ABOUT ME. And I do that unapologetically! So here I am, toes on the starting line, heart pounding, mind racing, anxious to embark on my fourth consecutive Poetry Marathon. It may not be easy, but it will always be worth it. Hope to see you at the finish line! “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” — Sunscreen, Baz Luhrmann

autumnsonlyone -110 posts

Let's see... What is there to say about myself? I am 43, I have an intense passion for poetry, and I just love writing it. Participating in this marathon is a great way for me personally to get my thoughts flowing and challenge myself. Raising the bar from what I wrote yesterday, to being better and more creative what I write tomorrow. I look forward to constructive criticism from other people. And I promise to try and comment on your stuff as well. Let's challenge each other.

Simona FROSIN -110 posts

Poet, essay writer, amateur philosopher

Britton -108 posts

I grew up a third-culture kid, meaning I was an expat/Army brat throughout childhood. Always moving, creating new 'homes.' I'm a turtle, in other words. Because I never fit in, issues of translation & culture ground much of my work. A love of other languages and their music fascinates me, it goes -- like music w/ lyric -- with the way images resonate.

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A college English Instructor, writer, poet, yoga therapist, reiki master, and yoga studio owner. I live above my yoga studio in a little German village called Old World Village in Huntington Beach, CA.

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Hey everyone! I am a fifth year marathoner and I am super happy to be doing the insanity again.

CeeSie -102 posts

I am lacking in sanity. Not to be confused with lacking insanity.

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Rarzack Olaegbe. He is a journalist with about three decades of practice. He has been a reporter and editor of different magazines and newspapers. He has covered Politics. Health. Entertainment. Information Technology. Brands and Products. Telecommunication. Financial Technology. He is an active ghostwriter. He is working on many published book projects. He is a regular radio guest. He is a Fintech enthusiast. He is the pioneer managing editor of FinancialTechnology magazine, devoted to Fintech for over 10 years. The magazine circulated in 14 countries. He is a newspaper columnist. He is the co-host of the annual Lagos Fintech Week, Nigerian Fintech Awards since 2012, and Financial Inclusion events. He is a TEDxIkeja volunteer. As a Communications Advisor, he consults for many of the leading Fintech firms in Nigeria including Interswitch, SystemSpecs, Remita, Precise Financial Systems, Digital Jewels etc. Buzz him @RarzackO

jrturek -101 posts

Hi! I am a poet, editor, workshop leader, and host for several poetry events on Long Island. I am the author of 7 poetry collections, most recently DogSpeak, the 24 poems from the 2022 poetry marathon and I am supporting North Shore Animal League, the world's largest no-kill animal shelter organization, with proceeds. I have written a poem-a-day for over 19 years. Writing a poem-an-hour is an amazing adventure! After all, sleep is overrated.

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Maritza -100 posts

Maritza Martínez Mejía Colombian poet, writer and translator who lives in Florida. Promotes Poetry for Peace and Proyecto de Escritura LuzDelMes to create means of communication between authors, editors, and publishers. Author of ten bilingual books. Received Crystal Apple Award, VCB Poetry 2015, Latino Book Awards 2016. Participant of Poetry Marathon since 2015. I write to inspire others to be a better person. Free poems and reading activities available at: www.luzdelmes.com

Kore Black -98 posts

Los Angeles Artist // Angel // Muse

vincentl -98 posts

I am a fine artist and poet, I draw and write every single day, I am from Belgium, french-speaking and I have been living in London since 2008... I am doing the Marathon for the second year, I wrote 50 poems last year, and I am very excited about it. you can see my art works and read my poems on www.vinz.live

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jill1980 -97 posts

I am a freelance writer from Texas City TX with 5 published books and works published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and Hallmark.

Boheme Bia -97 posts

I'm a Bohemian poet, freelance writer, modern henna artist, music & art promoter, avid locavore, occasional world traveler seeking unique adventures, and accidental gourmet chef. My writing and poetry is shaped and inspired by the push and pull of the elements surrounding me at any given moment.

afeathers -95 posts

I am a poet, an artist, and a climber of trees. I'm a singer, a bookworm, and an ocean addict. I am not a dancer. Give me a tree to climb, and I’ll lose my shoes. How does anyone process without writing it out?

Paul Robert Sanford -90 posts

Completed 2016 marathon with great joy and pleasure. born Dec 1947. New poetry writer. Bipolar, long periods of being unable to write at all. I was in an up mood and very productive in 2016. This year my medication has me much more controlled. I hope to still be productive. Theater, standup comedy, theology, psychology.

Carolyn Robinson -89 posts

Hi, I have been writing for a long time. I enjoy writing poetry. I love using imagery to try to describe emotion. That's the challenge of good poetry to me. Looking forward to sharing this marathon with all of you! I live in Baltimore, MD. I have published six poetry books to date -primarily love poems, thus the nickname "the Love Poet"! The first was Things I Learned While Loving You, then Love Poems Along the Way, Elegy for a Lost Love; Some Words I Gave Away, Old Feelings, Same Heart and The Tenaciousness of Truth. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most major book stores. I also have a FB page -All That Drama! Productions (I teach theater arts and other stuff as a side hustle) that gives lots of information on mostly local events in the DMV area, but also contests, and spotlights different performance based projects and groups. The page also has a lot of inspirational stuff in case you are interested, feel free to check it out and like it while you are there. Good Luck to everyone participating in the marathon this year!

Jana O'Dell -88 posts

Jana O’Dell is an author and poet from West Virginia. She has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and uses writing to cope with daily struggles. Jana lives with her wife, their three children, and a host of fur babies. Jana O’Dell's independently published books that are all available on Amazon include: Cyanide Kisses: The works of a manic, bipolar, dissociative mind.--- My Secrets are in the Stardust--- Magic in the Madness. Published works she can be found in: Poetry Marathon Anthology 2019 and 2020. Upon Arrival Solitude. Best Poets of 2019 Vol 3.

Kwills -88 posts

Kell Willsen is a fantasy author, and occasional poet, who believes that good art is a blend of form and content. One day, Kell hopes to make good art. Until then, you get this.

seema -87 posts

Hi , My name is seema kapur and I wont call myself a poet but write more from a spiritual perspective as a form of healing. Restarted writing after 22 years . I am from Scottsdale , Arizona and I am a Reiki teacher and an Occupational therapist as well.

evelynelainesmith -85 posts

I am a semi-retired former university freshman composition instructor/ high school English teacher from Waco, Texas, who loves to show students how they too can write poetry. Additionally, I have worked as a patent and university library researcher, a school librarian, and a newspaper reporter, covering school, business, and police beats. I enjoy gardening, genealogy, trying out new recipes, and reading mystery novels.

Ingrid -85 posts

I have been writing poetry on and off since I was about 12 years old ( many years!) My hobbies are writing, running, photography and reading. I have a background in writing and social work. A few years ago, I presented a few workshops about the healing effects of various forms of writing-including poetry. Writing has always been a very healing passion, pastime, hobby and luckily, professional work for me, at times.

sharonedge -85 posts

I have been a poet since I was in elementary school. I've been a published poet since the 90s. My first full-length collection, Not a Prodigal, was published by Village Books Press in 2018. It was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award and winner of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation Best Book of Poetry. I cannot not write poetry.

LuvMiFreely -85 posts

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I’m from Ohio. I have been writing since I was younger. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories. I express myself better through writing. I have been participating in The Poetry Marathon for the past four years. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself, I love the challenge ✍🏽📝📖

rranson02 -84 posts

I have always wanted to write and poetry became a hobby and through my journey. It stuck with me throughout my whole life to become a poem life writer. I am a new published author. I am a mother of one daughter. Inspirational and motivational is my emotional steps in doing my best at writing good instructional poems to help someone else. I love just what I can do to encourage, help, and inspirer so many others just like myself. To be able to accomplish the calling for his sake and follow it on through with a heartfelt heart with a passion. Where my journey can be filled with love doing God's will of a good plan. To strengthen me along the way. Carring and loving it all as a child of God. To become just who he says that I will be. One day. When God is my steps.

psarvasy -84 posts

Tessa Mountain -84 posts

I am an American college student with interests in comics, nature, and story-telling. I'm not very experienced with writing poetry, so my style strays pretty often, but I love to experiment and play with the images that get stuck in my head! Most of my poems are sourced from my own imagination, but if I get stuck, I might fall back on writing from a fictional character's perspective.

meka -83 posts

My name Meka R Brown. I am a single mother of two daughters, Meca (20) and McKell (17). I am an employee at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I am an aspiring writer and an avid reader. Memoir and poetry are my genres but I am interested in learning other genres.

Alicia Sophia -82 posts

I'm the kid your parents warned you about

luellen -82 posts

So many changes, so many lessons Not enough time to love as I wish Getting closer to the final curtain But, still fighting to be in the game

Sue Storts -81 posts

I am a seventy year old White/Native American female. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my retired, curmudgeon husband and dog who sheds her weight in hair every day. Writing is hard. I'd stop if I could.

Cody -81 posts

41 year old carpenter/woodworker with a penchant for the absurd and a distaste for authority, conformity and modern consumer society. Been writing poetry since high school, more as a therapeutic thing than anything else. Had a few things published but most of it ends up archived in dusty notebooks or on some online blog.

sheilas -80 posts

I'm a printmaker and poet in Bellingham, WA.

Kevin J. O'Conner -80 posts

2022 is my sixth year participating in the Poetry Marathon. As usual, I plan to do the half-marathon—because sleep. The current incarnation of my more-or-less official bio goes like this: According to his phone’s auto-complete function, Kevin J. O’Conner ‘is a poet who is not sure what he does, but doesn’t have any other way to make sure he has a more appropriate experience with his own story.’ This is not far from the truth. To date, Kevin has published twelve full-length poetry collections; his latest is 2019's WISHES SOMETIMES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. His poems have also appeared in The 143 Project, The CDC Poetry Project, Raven Chronicles, Spindrift, Passionfruit, The Poetry Marathon Anthology (2016, 2017, 2019), and Voices That Matter. He used to live by a creek near Seattle, but now he lives in the City of Subdued Excitement. These days, a pronounced case of something resembling writer's block has Kevin focusing more on creating improvised sounds (which may or may not be music) using a variety of electronic instruments. The titles of the resulting pieces are closer to poetry than he otherwise gets. Consequently, this year's marathon should be a good chance to shake out the cobwebs a bit. https://ordinaryaveragethoughts.com/ * * * * * * * * * * Now on with the countdown!

Valkyrie Kerry -79 posts

Horror author, horror reviewer and horror AcaFan. I am married to Brett Dyer. Please only use my nickname.

jvstanley -77 posts

J. V. Stanley is a multi- genre author who writes vivid tales that transcend the boundaries of traditional story telling, drawing on resilient characters that embed themselves in the reader’s mind. Her title Faces in Still Waters, won first place in the Summer Indie Author’s Book Awards in 2016. Subsequently, her title Chasing the Red, took second place in the Summer Indie Book Awards the same year. She has several solo titles and has been featured in many anthologies with other Indie writers. Ms. Stanley hails from a small hiccup of a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has quite the taste for adventure- walking atop waterfalls ranking at the top of her list. She is also an IDPA nationally ranked pistol competitor and enjoys writing poetry- thus declaring herself a warrior poet. Her published works include: Faces In Still Waters, Fire & Water, Chasing The Red, The Library, Love Notes & Zanzibar, Love & Candied Orange Peels, The Courtesan, Asylum, Beyond Atlantis, Beyond Wonderland, Beyond The Jungle, Campfire Tales, Christmas Nightmares, Devious Ingenues, Grave Importance, Steamed, Do Not Pet The Human, Falling For Crazy, Chaos & Paw Prints, Forest Of The Dark, Gr8 Greeks, Infamy, The Light Shines Through, Mirror, Rags To Riches, and Siren’s Lullaby.

gemlin -76 posts

Prolific poetess looking forward to the challenge getting to know some of my fellow writers out there.

Kat Kidder -76 posts

Hi, this is the 6th Half-Marathon for me. So It's time to update this bio! My husband and soulmate, of 27 years in July of 2022, calls me "Kat" or "Katie" (most days). He says living with me is not just a life, it's an adventure; still like living with one of those static display balls in a science fair! I'm a creative, like you, and a million thoughts a day distract me - so this is a challenge and I'm excited to do it again. I have a big extended family. Five siblings, married children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and dogs. I'm a poet (so some say), I have written children's books, and done video script editing for animated stories. I've given up on being a 'techie" because it takes up too much precious time, but I still have a blog that needs attention and Facebook pages. I am now semi-retired; a changing world economy offers no ability to retire. A recent injury, requiring surgery followed by a long stay in rehab to learn to walk again, rearranged my perspective on many things. I am still working on 'my story' and I have a number of projects started that need completion. I shall not quit, but I may reach the end of days before I reach the end of the books (She says, laughing at herself). Life in Middle TN is what you make of it; happiness is yours to define and choose. I choose happiness and love lived with my soulmate in the greatest adventure of my life. May you enjoy the marathon, write what your muse inspires, and stay true to yourself. Comments are always welcome. Be blessed and be a blessing!

jarrodfouts -76 posts

Writer, Martial Artist, Collapse enjoyer.

voldecurt -75 posts

Martin Rodriguez Torrez -75 posts

My discovery of words and their many properties of power and portent have been the driving force behind my search for my literary voice. Since opening the dog eared copy of "Seasons in The Sun" in 1992, and discovering the spirit of the human condition within, I've pursued my own voice; looking for it in the words of other poets and writers. It is a journey that has been both eye-opening, and humbling. Throughout my 27 year sojourn of self-discovery and realization, it's been a happy experience. I appreciate the work the Jans' have done to create, run, and promote the Poetry Marathon. It's been a great experience, and I look forward to testing my mettle in further marathons. -Martin Rodriguez Torrez; Some Poets contributor; McTowers MishMosh Media.

Ofuma Agali -75 posts

Ofuma writes poetry and fiction as his current genres of interest. His works have appeared several art pages of newspapers in Nigeria, such as The Guardian, The Vanguard, National Mirror, and The Post Express Literary Supplement. Outside Nigeria, his works have appeared in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Praxis Journal of Gender & Cultural Critiques, The Kalahari Review, The Purposeful Mayonnaise, among others. Five of his poems have also been published in anthologies (including The Poetry Marathon Anthology). He received an Honourable Mention at the 2001 MUSON Poetry Competition, and has written a collection of poems as well as two unpublished collections of short stories. He is currently working on a third collection of short stories and a second collection of poems. While making attempts at residency writing, he emerged a Finalist of the 2019 New Orleans Writers Residency Program. Ofuma lives in Lagos, Nigeria where he has been a journalist as well as a communications practitioner. He had also been editor of two national specialised magazines. He has been involved in many writing projects he is open to proofreading, editing, and ghostwriting gigs.

ShyamiNazzaro -75 posts

brettdyer -75 posts

Brett is an RPG and horror author. How work has been published in TigerShark Magazine, Entropy 2 and Deep Underground Poetry. He is married to Valkyrie Kerry.

Ant -74 posts

Hi all! My name is Antoinette Le Roux (legally still Keyser, but I have divorced my abusive husband, and am in the process of becoming Le Roux again), and I live in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. I have been writing poetry since forever, but have never really published anything except on Facebook, Wattpad and my WordPress blog… and more recently on one or two websites as gigs that I’ve done on Fiverr. My main reason for entering this Marathon is to get my butt in gear: I have known since my elementary school days that I am a writer deep down inside, but received nothing but ridicule from my school peers, teachers… and even my father who has tried to push me into becoming an architect. He used to ridicule me when I tried to express myself singing and he used to tell me that writing is for the “less intelligent”; he made me believe that a woman “cannot make it as a singer or as an author”. Both my husbands simply made me believe that I am “good for nothing”, the second one even going as far as to call me a “good for nothing mad ‘effing’ bitch”! Needless to say, when one gets told the same nonsense so perpetually one really actually believes all the verbal crap that gets flung at one… Now, with my dad, peers and abusive husbands long gone… and with the internet as an awesome resource telling me to my face that all those people were actually liars, I have now decided that it’s better late than never. I am getting into the world of authors, come what may… I know that I can do it, and this Marathon is a great opportunity to show myself that I can because what I really need is the motivation and self-confidence to step out and DO IT! And here I am then, at age 60, breaking into the world where I know that I belong! I’m coming home so to speak! Good luck to everyone who will participate, and may we all survive! © 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

kristynateach -74 posts

shaqila -74 posts

novamarie -74 posts

2020 is my first year participating in the marathon. I started writing when I was pretty young. Over 20 years ago. It saved me during some dark times in my life. I stopped writing for a really long time. But in the last couple years or so, I've gotten back into it. I've missed it. It feels like coming home. You can check out my work on Instagram novamarie_poetry

jdgbp -73 posts

John Dutton has taught language arts to middle school students in Prince William County for more years than he can remember. Seeing that the life of a teacher is filled with stacks upon stacks of papers waiting to be graded, he prefers spending his time as a classroom scribe writing alongside his students. He enjoys writing poetry and stories because anything is possible when pencil hits paper! In January 2015, John began hosting Spilled Ink. Spilled Ink is an open microphone night celebrating the written word held on the fourth Friday of the month at Jirani Coffeehouse in Old Towne, Manassas. It is open to all writers, authors, poets, or scribblers. All are welcome to read or listen. Please see his website at www.SpilledInkVA.com. John has published three books: "Armadillo Lost Her Pillow," "Argument at the Airport," and "Billy Pug’s Bad Day." All are now on Amazon!

Katie Scholan -73 posts

treal1971 -73 posts

Hi, my name is Tanya and, I was in the 2017 Poetry Marathon. I did the 24 then but I only completed 21 poems & in 2020 I did the 12. In 2021 I did the 12. This year I'll be doing 12 again. I used to write stories and poems all the time but I reached a low in life around 1992 and attempted suicide, I’m so glad I lived because I would’ve missed so much in my life no matter how good or bad; my experiences have taught me so much. I lost a fiancee in 1994 to drowning and then in 1998 I lost another one when he was hit while riding his motocycle. I have kids by both. Anyway I’ve been busy raising my kids and just trying to get back to me. I now have 4 adult kids; a son soon to be 29, who is now a stepdad and married, a 27 year old daughter who has a 3 yr old daughter, a soon to be 26 year old son who is married and doing well in his job and has a stepson he adopted as well as a new baby girl who is , and a 22 year old son with autism spectrum disorder. I myself became a new mom at 48 years old she is getting ready to turn 5 and I got married in 2020, my little girl was born 2 months early on December 17, 2018 through emergency c-section due to a placental abruption she weighed 4lbs 7ozs. She has brought such a light into my life. Thank you for letting me be involved again. I am excited every year now and can't wait for the marathon.

aisha154 -73 posts

teriharroun -73 posts

This is my third poetry marathon. I consider the process a retreat and I learn new things about myself each time. I have 3 adult children all beautifully launched and brilliant. I enjoy goats, chickens, yarn, reading, and of course poetry. I am a female Catholic priest and many of my poems are spiritual. My life saying is that "kindness matters". Three years ago, Five Oaks Press published my first book of poems: "A Woman Called Father". You can find it on Amazon.

mariel-m -73 posts

Grey haired novice. Poet since the age of 10. Like mysteries and old radio detective shows. Turtles are my totem.

Enscriptor -73 posts

I am a qualified creative writing tutor and published author, and a committed logophile (lover-of-words) and the art of putting them together.

Gina Surgeon -73 posts

Gina has had a lifelong interest in reading and writing. As early as elementary age she has received requests to recite her poetry in school, church, and to pen pieces for special occasions. She is currently working in the publication process of several books and works of poetry. The best of which is a children's book series created with her granddaughter Ayanna. Professionally, Gina serves as Executive Director of Positive FACE, a nonprofit organization that she founded to encourage life excel in at-risk students. Her blog, which features writings from her testimony and vision, can be found on the organization website www.positiveface.org.

Erin Ushakov-Zhang -73 posts

Teacher last 10 years. Mother of 6 including 1 set of twins and 1 set if triplets. MFA dropout looking to get back in the poetry habit.

denisehill -73 posts

Editor of NewPages.com, a web resource for readers and writers, and Professor of English at a two-year college in Michigan.

thebootlegbodhisattva -72 posts

Interfaith Minister, Mystic Poet, Irreverent Reverend Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer, Eclectic Artist & "Rascal Guru" Rev. Nadine Morsch is The Bootleg Bodhisattva IG @bootlegbodhisattva

Saki -72 posts

This is my third marathon. The first two were interesting over the past two years most of my writing has consisted of short statements on daily life, politics, and philosophy posted to Facebook in addition to an occasional poem and some informational documents. I have been writing off and on for many years but only writing poetry for about 13 years. Looking forward to this challenge and making new friends and reading some new poetry.

Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris -72 posts

Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris lives in Southport, NC, USA. She is a published poet by Cameron Art Museum’s ‘Writers Respond to Art Program’ and was awarded the Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the 2021 and 2022 - 24 Hour Poetry Marathons. Her poem Wheels was chosen and published in the 2021 - 24 Hour Poetry Marathon Anthology and her poem The Date was chosen for publication in the 2022 a 24 Hour Poetry Marathon Anthology. She is a contributing author in Whisper’s & Echoes, an on-line literary magazine as well as in 50 Give or Take by vineleavespress.com for her 50 word stories, Love and The Wedding and The Sleep Doctor. In Visual Verse with her poem Mother Earth, and in The Virtual Poetorium for RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT a poem in the Octagon style as well as several other poems chosen for the podcast. Recently published by Carrot Ranch Literary Community in their Baby Ducks Ate My Lunch Collection for her 99 word story, Duckling Survival Guide. Also published in The Orkney News with He’s A Possessive Muse and in Spillwords.com with I Am Not A Man. Gypsie-Ami writes flash fiction, short stories, creative non-fiction and fiction as well as poetry. Her short story, Conversations With My Neighbor is published in the anthology, Trouble, by Daniel Boone Publishing. Gypsie-Ami received Honorable Mention in Tales from the Moonlit Path 2021 a yearly Halloween Issue, Abandoned Places Halloween Challenge, for her short story, Abandoned Memories. Her poem Seasons of Change is published The North Carolina Bards Poetry  Anthology 2023 and her poem “Found Her” is slotted for publication in the Poet’s Choice book, Zest with Pets. She has recently completed a chapbook of poetry and is working on an action/adventure/paranormal romance novel. Gypsie-Ami is a member of NCWN and WSN. She is a contributing member of several local and out of state writers groups. She has been photographing and writing about flowers since she received her first camera at age twelve. Gypsie-Ami is known to her closest friends and relatives as Gypsie.

shirl -70 posts

When I am not strong, I / Write my fears in erudite prose / Write my hopes in rhythmic verses / In needful lines, I / Write my rage on cold winds / Slowly stirring up the waters / Demanding sea change / Commanding power to surrender. / more than syllables / and lines – a break between for / balance and meaning

cristywatson -70 posts

I have eight published MG and YA novels, which are accessible for new to English language learners, as well as struggling or reluctant readers (hi-lo books) and a poem forthcoming in 'Worth More Standing' (Caitlin Press) as well as having won Editor's Choice in 2013 in the Contemporary Verse 2 - 2-Day Poem Contest. I have been a long-running participant in the Half-Marathon of the Poetry Marathon and I volunteer at the Surrey International Writer's Conference. You may follow me here, if you wish: cristywatsonauthor.wordpress.com

idaroque -70 posts

A retired teacher in Special Education, loves reading,author of children's book ,poetry writing,sketching,photography,cooking,gardening,jewelry making and traveling.

Jan Rog -69 posts

angelatheresaegicwrites -68 posts

A Renaissance Woman: As a child I won and/or placed high in poetry contests. In my teens I was in Advanced Placement Englsh. Published Writer, Produced Playwright.

Given Davis -66 posts

Given (he/they) is starting over. He navigates internal terrain and the external streets of Portland, OR as a 35 year-old queer Black trans guy and compulsive magic maker. He comes to the marathon for the 3rd year with the intention of re-learning who he is in this craft. He hopes to be a vessel for the words that will be used as a balm for transforming hearts.

Solape Adeyemi -65 posts

Solape Adetutu Adeyemi is a creative writer, poet, screen writer and blogger. She has many published works in local and international magazines and anthologies. She has a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and a Masters in Environmental management

Noodle -65 posts

Hi! My name is Marci Darlington. I am 64 years old and I live in Mt. Sterling, Ohio with my husband John and our dogs Cat Stephens and Murphy. My mom also lives with us in a mini apartment we added on to the back of our Victorian home. We have only been here for 6 years but we love it. I have been Mayor here for the last 2 1/2 years. Quite a ride for someone who is non political at heart. I have lived in Central Ohio all of my life. We have 5 grown children between us and 13 grandchildren. I have been dabbling in poetry since my good friend asked me to sign her autograph book when I was about 10. I am excited for the challenge and I am hoping to get tips from all of you seasoned marathoners. This is my third attempt at 24 so far 18 and I believe 16 just can't seem to finish the task, Oh well, here's to an awesome 24 hours!!

jabberwhacky -64 posts

I used to sail, then I managed projects for the O&G industry. Now I repair ships for defence and destruction. I did write too, once....somehow I remember that.

Michellia -64 posts

I am a 55 year old female and live in McKenzie Tennessee. I live alone, disabled computer geek who has been writing poetry since age 12. I love reading and writing.

rheakumar11 -63 posts

Tech worker by day. Writer by night.

Kaili Kinnon -63 posts

Singer, songwriter from Toronto!

Sandy Lender -62 posts

Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is a hybrid author, sea turtle conservationist, and critical thinker. Her first book of poetry, titled "Poems of Trials, Triumphs, and Turtles," won the 2021 IMADJINN Best Poetry Collection Award. In this year's Write-Fighters 3-Day Novella Contest, she has taken second place with her YA Fantasy "Eden and the Most Precious Stone." Her poetry written for the fantasy world of Onweald serves as additional world-building and "beneath the surface" work for her Choices epic fantasy trilogy, which will be re-released by Seventh Star Press this fall in advance of the series sequel "Choices by Attrition."

Aishwarya13 -62 posts

Aishwarya is a budding poet from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. She is a living paradox with oxymoronic feelings. Most of her days are spent contemplating her thoughts, later drafting it down. She feels alliteration is her better half and you would find her pressed, lost in pages, words of found poetry and novels everyday.

Raven -62 posts

I am a former music journalist, recent creative writing graduate, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, but currently living in London, UK. At the moment I am mostly focused on sci-fi and found poetry, but in general my tastes in literature (and music, and all forms of art) are very eclectic.

ellawagemakers -62 posts

Full Marathon in 2015 Half Marathon 1 in 2019 Half Marathon 1 in 2020 Half Marathon 1 in 2021

Diane Carmony -62 posts

I'm Diane and I live in Southern California with my partner, three dogs and one tabby cat. I'm a writer, working on a mystery novel, and I'm a poet, photographer and editor. I love birds and the natural world. I'm also a volunteer in wildlife advocacy, animal welfare and the arts.

Leroy Leonard -61 posts

Carol Prost -61 posts

poet, painter, potter, putter, peeping around corners and under rocks. I love to explore and find my way through mazes, especially outside in nature or quietly in my own heart and mind. I am fortunate to live with 2 gracious wonderful hounds and near forest hiking trails, rivers with not so far a ride to the sea....bird song, picture books, haiku, clouds, and dancing and recently japanese karate, inspire me. I am looking forward to what discoveries the marathon may unfold.

Naida N. Supnet -61 posts

smileyone -61 posts

13-Shenanigans -60 posts

Mary Eugene Flores -60 posts

Hi There Marathoners, My name is Mary Eugene P. Flores, from the Philippines. I am a Business Excellence Analyst, Researcher, and at the present time a Medical Collection Reviewer and a Published Poet. My recent project was an anthology book where my poetry "Young, Old" was luckily part of. The book entitled: Metaphorposis: Speaking In tangka is currently on its top chart in amazon poetry book list in nature category. This is my 3rd year and I signed up for 24 hrs category. Poetry Marathon have been my yearly go to and I enjoyed every minute of experienced, and I can tell that I'm learning a lot from the past 4 years as a marathoner, and for some other reasons that keeps me coming back. I'm excited to finally create new pieces push my limit to the edge, and also bond with the old and new marathoners☺ You may check out more of my writings on this page : https://www.facebook.com/LifeisForLivingPoetry

Anwar Suleman -60 posts

I live in Johannesburg South Africa. by profession I am an Attorney. My passion is writing especially poetry.

June Gromis -59 posts

anilynstone -59 posts

Anne McMaster -59 posts

I live on an old farm in the rural north west of Northern Ireland - three miles outside a tiny town which nestles quietly at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains. Originally a farmer, I studied English Literature at university, then fell head over heels in love with theatre. I've worked freelance in both the US and NI, lecturing in theatre (and working as a playwright) for 25+ years. I left full-time education 6 years ago and now work freelance as a writer, photographer and voice actor. I also make short films and write for the BBC. In 2019, I was artist in residence for 600 wonderful acres of ancient forest - designing projects to engage all age groups with the natural world. The Poetry Marathon completely changed my creative focus nine years ago when I completed my first full marathon, and I’m beyond grateful to both Caitlin and Jacob for that. I launched ‘Walking Off the Land’ (my debut collection of poetry published by Hedgehog Poetry Press) on 21st June 2021. I have two collections coming out later this year - 'Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area' (collected poems in English) and Pòames (poetry in Ulster Scots).

Darcy Force -58 posts

Mother of three. Gothic lyricist and vocalist. The film Dead Poets Society is what started my journey into writing at age fourteen. My influences are, Poe, Shakespeare, Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan, Peter Murphy,Neil Finn, Bjork, and Tori Amos. I am exited to do this challenge. I am hoping this will help me to be able to "just write" as it is normally an almost birthing process for me..including labor pains, and Lamaze breathing. Thank you for the opportunity

Vivian -57 posts

Nancy Ann -57 posts

In this full life I have been able to enjoy much and learn from the rest. Grandma-hood is terrific. Most of my life has been in Ohio, but I have experienced poem- worthy visits to Washington, DC; Fort Drum, New York; Fort Lee, Virginia; Bloomfield, Iowa; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Wickenburg, Arizona; Louisville, Kentucky; and Taos, New Mexico. My heroes are Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, Helen Prejean, and Joan Chittister and I take note of the fact that none of them are as well known for their writing, as they are for their activism, yet they all have written significant (!) stuff. As if life needed a cherry on top, I have a soul mate husband and a bunch of friends that also like to write.

Fiona -57 posts

GIS by day. Haiku writer. Yoga Teacher / Breath Coach. She/Her. 2023 is my third poetry marathon. I welcome any critiques on how to improve my poems. Many thanks! Happy writing to all 🙂

Wendie Donabie -56 posts

My love of language drives my passion to write but I’ve truly been only a writing dabbler most of my life. I’m a good starter but getting to that finish line with my writing has been a problem. Even so, I’ve had a few small pieces published in magazines and won an award for a flash fiction piece on Mother Earth. My poetry springs from something that touches my deepest emotions, most often connected to relationships in my life. I also find poetry cropping up in my prose in the form of similes and metaphors to convey a sense of place and experience. Painting what stirs my heart and soul is my other passion – mostly work inspired by my love and concern for our planet. Artwork has consumed much of my time since moving to Muskoka in 2010 and led to opening a small gallery (Heron’s Nest Studio Gallery) out of my home where I carry my paintings along with the work of 5 other artists. Finding time and figuring how to balance both the writing and painting is a challenge. If you have any tips, I’m open to hearing them!

viviak -55 posts

I was a creative writer when young, writing mostly poetry, then got into financial business communications and had to change my style to dry/factual. It has taken 10 years to unplug all those business ideas about how to write effectively and return to writing spontaneously. I am a novelist now, but I still write a lot of poetry, and hope the marathon reminds me always to keep my focus on the essence. That helps in all forms of writing!

supertina19 -55 posts

Currently living in Chattanooga,TN.

Nykki -55 posts

I am a shy writer. I've been writing stories since age 6 and poems since age 12. It's how I breathe.

bjsteinshouer -54 posts

When I participated in my first Poetry Marathon, about ten years ago, I was writing from the Chautauqua circuit in Nebraska, hoping to be inspired by meadowlark and sandhill crane, Mari Sandoz and Willa Cather. I had a wonderful time, writing from the back seat of a rental car while traveling from one small town to another. My colleagues were into it - I read them at least every other poem, writing on my iPad, spinning poem after poem in the dark. After that, I began posting from DC, in the middle of a bit of a healthcare crisis, knowing I was about to lose coverage even as I was being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I've survived it five years so far, with a 2-5 year prognosis, so I'm very happy to be alive for yet another Poetry Marathon.

narinder -53 posts

Writer. Life Coach. Mother. Persistent dreamer. Exploring opportunities and moving on to the next. So in love and living.

SincerelyBlueJay -53 posts

Thank you for finding your way to this beautiful story. I am a poet of two decades and I cannot wait to see where my work goes from here. My podcast is available on Spotify as Learning to Fly every day!

Rebeli007 -53 posts

Hi I am Rebelí I have been writing since about 14 years old. I am a poet, spoken word artist, musician, artist and writer. I have just recently started putting my work out there. I was a single mom and had no time to chase my passion or my dreams. Today I choose to do just that. I hope you enjoy my poems. Feedback always welcomed. 😊

Anjana Sen -53 posts

I am a writer/poet from Glasgow. Raised in India, my dual cultures reflect in most of my work. I am the Secretary of the Scottish Association of Writers and write locally with Eastwood Writers. Winning a few awards have boosted my confidence enormously, and my words have found homes in several anthologies, magazines and online journals. This will be my fourth full marathon. I believe the best is about to be.

jlnash -52 posts

Currently a columnist for The Issue, has also published articles, poetry and short stories. 2001 - International Cricketer, poetry; 2002 – International Cricketer, poetry; 2003 – Richmond Review (USA) Poetry; 2005 – Marshall Islands Literary Review, poetry; 2006 – Paranoia (UK) poetry and flash fiction; 2006 – Zygote In My Coffee – Flash Fiction; 2006 – Scintilla, poetry; 2007 – Red Bubble, poetry, 2009 –2018 The Pandorian Arts Magazine, Features Editor and contributor of poetry and flash fiction; 2011 – A Moment, Solo poetry Publication (Amazon); 2011 – Eden’s Other Daughter, Poetry (Pandorian Publishing); 2012 – Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks, short stories and photography with P. Pajdic (Pandorian Publishing); Performance Poet; Tropical Writers 2019-2018; 2019 - The Poets’ Breakfast, TFF and Fringe Poetry 2019 TFF.; 2019 - Blink-Ink #38; FlashFiction. 2020 - Turnpike Magazine, Poetry. 2021 - Memoir, a chapbook. 2021 Tea-Ku, Poems about Tea, 2021-The Purposeful Mayonnaise

ipsita -52 posts

Mom, lawyer, poet. Living life as if it's real...

marg54 -52 posts

Poet from Long Island, New York. She’s published in a number of Anthologies. Four chapbooks with Local Gems Press. This is her fourth Marathon.

jsweeder -52 posts

From Ocean City New Jersey

ChelleA -51 posts

I'm always looking for writing inspiration in everything around me. I may not always be able to unlock it in my brain at the moment, but I've come to appreciate life a little more each day. Kansas is the place I call home (and there's no place like home!). I love to read, go to movies, spend time with my family and friends, and hang out with our dogs.

River E. Styx -51 posts

River is a queer, disabled writer from rural Maine who recently made their way south. After obtaining a Bachelor’s of Social Work from the University of Maine, they spent the last decade working as a social worker working in mental health, HIV/AIDS care, harm reduction, and human sexuality. River now does freelance writing and has a small collection of poems entitles 'Exercises in Devotion'. They live with some friends, several sleepy cats, and an excitable puppy. Twitter & Instagram are TheRiverEStyx.

Vijaya Gowrisankar -51 posts

I am an author of six poetry collections - Inspire, Reflect, Explore, Savour - Art and Poetry meet, Evolve, and Shine. My submissions have been published in Silver Birch Press, Nancy Drew Anthology, Poetry Marathon 2016 Anthology, Poetry Marathon Anthology 2017, Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II, Forwardian, Triadae Magazine, iWrite India, Dystenium Online, and Taj Mahal Review anthologies. I have appeared as guest speaker in colleges. I have reviewed and edited poetry and fiction books. I participated in NaNoWriMo 2016 and NaNoWriMo 2017 and completed two novels.

dextajean -50 posts

Dexta Jean was raised in Arkansas, but her maternal ancestral home is Puerto Rico. She is a poet, a painter, a pilgrim, a mother, and a new Gigi. She also takes her conceptual art pieces and travels the region delivering "art sermons." She considers both poetry and visual art as powerful conduits to initiate discourse on the failings and celebrations of the human condition. Dexta Jean teaches college writing and is a doctoral candidate in the field of art leadership. She loves to laugh and sit among her ferns, hostas, and koi in her peace garden.

JC the poet -50 posts

friowords -50 posts

I fell into poetry by accident, having been challenged by a friend to start writing again. When I wrote in my teens and twenties, (now in my 40s) I always thought of myself as a short-story writer, and thought poetry was "not my thing." My first notebook of poems was jokingly called Maria's Big Book of Bad Poetry, though I soon realized that not only did I enjoy poetry, but my poems weren't quite as "bad" as I pretended there would be.

jessicabrynar -50 posts

Jessica L. Sparrow writes Gothic fiction, supernatural thrillers, and ethereal poetry that can save or damn your soul. Currently, she has finished her first gothic paranormal novel, The Amber Within, a story brimming with Puerto Rican mysticism, love, and power. Jessica's writing is heavily influenced by the bruja Puerto Rican roots embodied by the matriarchs in her family. She's also a big fan of 19th Century literature. When she is not busy cooking up delicious spells in the kitchen, she is usually playing with her 12 1/2-yr old shorkie, Yoshi, and binge-watching horror movies with her husband, Jason.

thryaksha -50 posts

A poet who loves to ask questions that haven't been asked before and answer questions that haven't been answered before. I'm also a psychology student, and I love to read. I paint occasionally. My poems have been published in a lot of anthologies, and I have an instagram account where I post my work. https://www.instagram.com/thryaksha_wordsmith/

hknutson -50 posts

aarthi -50 posts

Laurak -50 posts

Poet. Reader. Geek.

Denise Krebs -50 posts

Chief learner in life, faith, and love.

rosemars -50 posts

alexaimeekist -49 posts

Jasper Peacock -49 posts

I am a hermit and I write.

sonic1102 -49 posts

Anshu Sikchi -49 posts

Graphic and Web Designer. Software Engineer. Aspiring Lyricist and Poet.

Shiloh Osheen -49 posts

Shiloh Osheen has written poetry their entire life. They also write stories, primarily in the fantasy genre, but they have dabbled in other genres as well. For them, writing is like breathing - it is both essential and instinctual. They have published one poetry anthology so far, As Viewed By a Poet Protagonist. Their work is also included in the Journeys anthology, Stories and Poems in the Song of Life, and the Poetica magazine. They hope to publish more of their works in the future.

Divya Venkateswaran -49 posts

William Aswell -49 posts

Lived a few different lives and still working on constructing one that fits. Wavering between monastic and hedonist. Inspired by the wild.

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I'm a terrible windbag, but I can't ever think of anything interesting to say about myself, so I'm not going to try. I am 41 years old, have been writing and making things up for most of my life. I have been published once, about 15 years ago, and would like it to happen again sometime before I die. Mostly I just like to write things, and this is a fun challenge, and motivates me to write a year's worth of poems in a day. I'm going to do the half-marathon this time.

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I am a proud Grandmom of 3 kiddos. I am still working as Executive Assistant to the President of a small, private family corporation. My great wish to be known as a verser or a poetess transcends all past aspirations. I am on my way to fulfill this great wish with the help of The Poetry Marathon, I hope. I'm from the Philippines.

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I have been writing poems since I wrote my first complete sentence. Maybe even before. Many things have changed in my life over the years, but the one constant is the power of the written word, the poems I dream, the songs inside my head.

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Born 1983 in Bucharest, Romania. Studied English and French at the University of Bucharest. Awarded a PhD from the University of Bucharest in 2014, with the thesis "Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift: The Lyrical Novel". Started writing haiku in August 2014.

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Poet from Long Island, NY. Special Education Paraprofessional. I love writing, music, animals, purple, actively involved in poetry on Long Island, concerts, and more.

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I am a writer, teacher, and animal rescue volunteer living in North Dakota. My writing tends towards reflective, personal material, which I hope sparks some relatable moments for anyone reading. My biggest wells of inspiration are the natural world, those obstacles I have faced in my life-- such as the loss of my brother in 2020,-- and how I fit within the realm of the human experience. I am very much inspired by the writing of Louise Erdrich, Jenny Lawson, and Becky Hemsley.

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Nancy Canyon is a visual artist and writer working in Historic Fairhaven, 1000 Harris, #6, Bellingham, WA. Her award winning novel, Celia's Heaven, and book of poetry, Saltwater, can be purchased at Villagebooks.com. She teaches writing at WCC and coaches memoir writers for The Narrative Project. "Women's Bodies, Women's Words" is forthcoming. She is a Graduate of PLU with MFA in creative writing: fiction/poetry. She is married and lives near Lake Whatcom.

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International award winning poet that just recently received a letter from Poetry Nation and I am getting an honor award for past accomplishments for my writing poetry. My overall, personality is artistic in which is writing, painting, and photography. I have just recently been a published author with one book called "My Healing Journey" by Dana Warnock which is my maiden name and I working on getting my name back. I am currently writing another book of poetry. I hope to finish this book within this marathon.

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Oldest of seven: girl (me), sister, brother, brother, sister, brother, brother. Born and raised in Arizona. Joined the Women's Army Corps when I was 21, separated in 1973 at 26. Lived and worked in Arizona, Missouri, California, Alabama, Georgia, back to Arizona, Virginia, New York, Missouri, Colorado, back to Arizona, Florida, and back to California -- and this is it. Still working. Siblings scattered throughout the states: Florida, Arizona, Nebraska, and Washington.

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I have recently published "Square Wheels," a novel. It is a family saga that takes place in Toronto, circa 1925. Forthcoming is "Forthright but Furtive," an anthology of short stories and poems. My most prolific writing activity is writing a poem every morning with what I call an "unzipped" and "uncluttered' head. A poem is simply a word followed by another word, with the connection being whatever the mind can conjure up. Can you follow up the word love with window? Certainly! Writing is a joy for many reasons, one being is that he can laugh at himself. Admittedly, laughing at the world can be more of a challenge.

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Blessing Omeiza Ojo is a Nigerian poet and teacher. He has edited and co-edited many anthologies. His works have been published or forthcoming in Split Lip Magazine, Roughcut Press, Lunaris Review, Last Girls Club, Artmosterrific, Trampoline and elsewhere. His poem, “Everything Around Us Sings” was selected for publication at the Castello di Duino 2021 International Poetry and Theatre Competition. In 2020, Omeiza was named the Arts Lounge’s Literature Teacher of the Year. He was a shortlist of Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize 2020, semi-finalist for Jack Grapes Poetry Prize 2020, and the winner, 9th Korea-Nigeria Poetry Prize (Ambassador Special Prize). He is currently a creative writing instructor at Jewel Model Secondary School, Abuja, where he has coached winners of national and international writing prizes.

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Born and raised in Detroit, I published my first book "Soul Survivor" in April 2020 and will shortly be publishing my second, "Surviving Wonderland". You can find more of my work at Mandy's Land on Fb.

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I am a writer, a poet, a mom and an emerging storyteller. I enjoy writing dark stories as well as children stories in equal measure. My poetry is honesty because they are the only way I can express my rage, melancholy and despair.

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Multi-genre writer & many other things. 5 star ratings on Amazon and Kobo, as of 2016. I currently have 5 titles released; with 2 paperback editions coming out in July of 2019. Genres include: Poetry, general Fiction and YA. From Canada. Left-handed. [*Assume that all works are under © copyright of myself, with an exception only to the Anthologies*] All Rights Reserved.

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Hi! I am Kim! First and foremost, you should know that I have a love affair with words and creativity. This is important to know, because I am always finding ways to put words on paper- another favorite past time of mine- whether in verse, fictional story or informative form. I have been known to blog on genealogy and homeschooling, more of my interests or hobbies. I love performing Spoken Word and do under the name Special K. I am terrible at memorizing, so I don't even try. Instead, I embrace Maya Angelou as I make my words come to life to entertain audiences. I am also a motivational speaker- though I feel like it is more an open window to my life, in which I invite people into and learn things life has (sometimes forcibly) taught me. I was recently nominated for an RVA (Richmond, Virginia) Award in the categories of Best Spoken Word Artist, Best Host and Best Performer and am the recipient of AN RVA Award in the category of Best Social Media Personality.

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I have been writing since junior high (a very long time ago) when I won an essay contest. Such motivation is rare and wonderful. I am currently figuring out the ropes to become published.

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Returning marathoner, excited to be back. I'm a data geek and a novel writer. Let's do this!

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Author/ Poet/ Photographer/ Crafter but in my spare time and to make a living- I work in politics.

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Bear Wolf is a Shawnee Gypsy Jew social justice humanist who sees tattoos as physical manifestations of emotional scars and lost count of his somewhere around 20. “This world makes no sense to me, so I make music and poetry.” For more poetry, music and storytelling, check out https://changelingstudios.bandcamp.com/album/haiku-tanka-senryu-oh-my For more of his many performance personas look up Changeling Studios on both YouTube & SoundCloud.

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I am 22. I am from California. I enjoy writing, music, and trying to survive. I I think poetry has saved me. I love too much.

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A writer/artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm inspired by the textures – visual and sonic -- of words on the page, and off; and all sorts of visual art. I am grateful to be participating, again, in the Poetry Marathon! Thank you, Caitlin, and Jacob, for making this possible!

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I'm a graphic designer, who loves photography, poetry & music. I've been writing poetry since I was in high school. My format is usually freeform, but sometimes I write haiku. This is an awesome way to get my brain going, so I will probably be writing well after the marathon is complete!