Prompt for Hour Twenty Four

Hooray! You are almost there! This is the last prompt!

Write a poem about the view out your window right now, this view can be real or imagined, so if you don’t have a window, you can imagine that too.



Prompt for Hour Twenty Three

Write a poem about someone or something you miss. The fact that you miss this person or thing can be mentioned in the poem or it can be left out.

Prompt for Hour Twenty

Nature poems are so common, but that is for a reason, there is so much beauty in nature.

For the prompt this hour I want you to write a nature poem with a twist. I want you to write a poem about nature interacting with man made things. It could be about watching a beautiful eagle while standing in a strip mall parking lot, it could be about planting trees in a small city park, it could be about anything as long as it involves both the natural world and the un-natural one.

Prompt for Hour Seventeen

Each year I write one prompt devoted to a cliché topic, previously these prompts have been focused on love, death, and angst.

This year the challenge is to write a poem about loss that is not cliché.

Prompt for Hour Sixteen

Write a persona poem from the perspective of a well known fictional character. You can choose any fictional character but here are a few names to get you thinking in the right direction: Dracula, King Arthur, Red Riding Hood, Katniss Everdeen, etc. . .

Prompt for Hour Fifteen

Write a poem that involves some kind of ancient myth. The myth can be from any cultural background or origin, but I am not interested in modern myths. The older the better.

The poem can go into the details of the myth and be a retelling of sorts, or it can just borrow a mythic element and place it the modern world. The details are entirely up to you.